So far we have presented various ways to enlarge your penis, which involve more or less complicated procedures, and consequently they were more or less accessible to most men.

In the following we will discuss a method that does not require a special diet, or medicine, or special devices. This method is accessible to all men, and still it is not for any man!

The ingredients you need to have results are:

  • a powerful desire of attaining your dream
  • a firm belief in your undertaking
  • perseverance
  • a strong and focused mind

Consequently, we address those who admit that the force of the mind has a miraculous influence on human life and implicitly on the human body.

In order to get excellent results by using your own mental power you need to free your mind from prejudice and not to allow doubts to stop you.

The main problem with practicing this technique is the fact that many men think they are confident when in fact they are consumed by doubts, deeply rooted in their subconscious.

Consequently, we will discuss a method based on bio-energy and on the extraordinary power of the mind.

There is nothing new here: Dr. Simonton, American radiotherapist and expert in cancer has studied and treated people in various stages of cancer, and has obtained exceptional results supplying his patients with two weapons: the resources of controlled imagination and the conscious use of psychosomatic processes.

We will also use these weapons, but change the target for our objective: penis enlargement.

The following method is based on several observations:

  • It has been proved that psychic traumas rooted in childhood may delay the physical, emotional, or psychic development of the human being.
    Human cells are capable of multiplication, and this may be performed in all cases: for the development of a fetus or for the proliferation of cancer, as a negative example.
    The brain is a powerful organ, because all bodily functions are generated here: the activity of the heart, the circulation of the blood, hormonal secretion, etc.
  • Any person may order his or her brain through their thinking – because the brain is an instrument used in their development as human beings. This way of acting is called mental programming.
    A person may program his or her brain to act on their cells, sometimes even to correct an apparently irremediable physical handicap, caused by an exterior traumatic factor.THE METHOD ITSELF
    In order to apply the mental programming method, you must act as follows:

    Before beginning take a piece of paper and divide it in two with a line. On the left side draw a silhouette representing yourself, with an erection. Draw your penis proportionally with the real size it actually has.

    It is not necessary for the drawing to be professional, but it is important its size is correlated with the size of your body.

    Draw the same silhouette on the right side of the paper, but make the size of the penis as you would like it to be. This part represents your goal.

    However, keep your expectations realistic: if your penis is small in erection, do not draw it on the right side as an immense sexual organ, because you will make your mind face an impossible task.

    Visualize your penis as 2 or 3 cm bigger than it really is, don’t imagine it three or four times bigger than it actually is.

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