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The preoccupation with food holds great importance for any person and is not, in any case undignified for a man. Because food is the main source of energy for the body, interest in it is natural.

A commonly known and accepted fact is that in the absence of fuel, even the most effective mechanism ceases to function. Likewise, the physical body cannot function properly if it is not cared for accordingly.

The way we choose our food, the spices we use, the quantity of food, and the moments of rest are factors influencing the vigor and vitality of any man. A man that lacks vitality is like a fighter with clay feet.

Men have the tendency of quickly consuming their energy reserves and therefore, they need to systematically refresh them. The concern for one’s diet does not equal the preoccupation for eating the most delicious meals, or the mathematic dosage of calories and other elements.

When talking about ‘real’ food for any man, many people think about diets that include meat, seasoned with all kinds of stimulating foods, among which alcohol holds an important place.

This is a common opinion, shared by the great majority of people. However, a diet based on meat is not recommended for men who wish to increase their virility.

The most recent discoveries in the area, especially the ones connected with vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and various hormones have caused a radical change in the Western conception about food. Natural style and ‘green’ diets win over more and more adepts.

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According to some careful observations, vegetarians, especially those whose diet is based mainly on fresh fruits and vegetables, life for a longer period of time, maintain their vigor until old age, and are less predisposed to cancer, sclerosis, hepatic diseases, intestinal disorders, etc.

Furthermore, vegetarianism is also indicated for intellectual activities. It is not a mere coincidence that famous men such as Einstein, Darwin, or Newton were vegetarians.

In addition, it is not a secret that most of the contemporary personalities in movies and music have a diet that is almost exclusively vegetarian.

This presentation was based on the following facts:
1. The best and most fit diet for a man is a Yang diet.
The following, will explain the reasons supporting this statement. The whole Universe is generated by and subject to the two complementary and opposed forces, known in Eastern tradition as YIN and YANG, corresponding to its feminine and masculine aspects.

Consequently, even food has a certain energetic predominance of one of the two fundamental forces, Yin or Yang, up to a certain degree.

You have to bear in mind that in the beginning, you may not enjoy consuming Yang foods. If so, it means that there is an excess of Yin energy build up inside you, which is temporarily influencing your culinary taste.

In time, as you acquire more and more Yang energy, your culinary preferences will change.

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2. Each of you should choose your food according to your basic needs and necessities. What may be medicinal food for someone may prove to be, at a certain time, damaging to someone else.

Sexual vigor has a close relationship to one’s general state of vitality. It is common knowledge that in the case of feeble/weak and fat men, the sexual glands (the testicles) do not function properly, and consequently, their penises have unsatisfactory sizes and hardness.

In such situations, the suggested diet is different. People who are really fat and lack vitality because of this surplus, will adopt a diet that is made up mainly of raw vegetables, light food, and during certain periods of time they will fast.

People suffering from asthenia and lacking vitality will eat more consistent types of food, and their meals will be regular.

The sexual disorders that may be cured through diet are as follows:

A. For a diminished sexual appetite, rigidity in relationships with the opposite sex and obesity it is recommended that you consume light and fresh foods.

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B. For overcoming unpleasant states such as possessiveness, jealousy, diminished sexual appetite, or on the contrary, its exacerbation pushing you towards states of fury, discontent and irritability, it is recommended that you eat pure and sweet fruits.

C. For overcoming a weak erection, accompanied by low vitality, quick ejaculation and an oscillatory sexual appetite, it is recommended that you eat rich nutritious food.