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The trick is not to run from pleasure but to learn how to use it in order to control it. ( Clement from Alexandria, Stromates XI, 20)

The awakening of our sexuality may provide a strong impulse towards the spiritual evolution of the human being.

Paul Gregor, a searcher of magical phenomenon says:
Our highest metaphysical aspirations, our transcendent and magical potential is locked, confined in substance, in sexuality. The impetus is materialized, thus absorbed…

Isnt it reasonable to consider that the transformation of our sexual behavior, of our most intimate attitudes should act like a magical trigger that releases almost superhuman energies just as a mutation inside the structure of a atom releases cosmic forces?

A wise use of certain herbs can be really helpful to the ones willing to get to know their own sexual nature, and to use it in a spiritual way. Herbs can act like catalysts that accelerate processes of energetic awakening and awareness in the human being.

They are divided into two types (feminine and masculine); consequently they can be used by both women and men in order to awaken their femininity or their masculinity.

In the articles Let’s develop our feminity we described some herbs that make you resonate with the three feminine archetypes, as they were discovered by Ayurveda, the old Indian, traditional medicine.

There are also three traditional masculine archetypes: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The perfect man manifests the characteristics of all the three types. The Sun and Mars rule many herbs that awaken and amplify the masculine aspects in a human being.

If you are a woman and your lover surprises you in some way almost every day or amazes you through his spontaneity, then he is endowed with qualities of the Vita archetype.

Such men are renowned for their originality and ability to plan things out, easily noticeable when they communicate, either emotionally, intellectually or verbally.

They are always enthusiastic, and easily sublimate their erotic impulses into pure emotions, mental states, or into brilliant artistic inspirations. Great artists usually belong to this type.

These men have an exceptional intuition that helps them guess the emotions and thoughts of their beloved. The refinement that characterizes this behavior moves the heart of every sensitive woman.

Each of their beloved’s touch awakens indescribably rich states in them. When they are in love, they adore breathing in their beloved with all the pores of their skin, till the depths of their hearts.

The delicate way in which they approach their beloveds heart removes any possible resistance from her. The woman who makes love with such a man feels that her physical shape dissolves and she becomes flight itself; an elevated experience that she will never forget.

Here are some herbs that amplify your resonance with the Vita masculine archetype.

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1. HARDHAY (HYPERICUM PERFORATUM) facilitates awakening of the heart, as the essential center of the being.

It sublimates energy and lights up even the darkest corners of the consciousness. It improves emotional communication and intuitive abilities.

It is especially recommended for men suffering from nervous break downs, who lack enthusiasm, or who have a closed, sad nature and reject the manifestation of love.

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2. CORIANDER (CORIANDRUM SATIVUM) is an herb ruled by Mars, the planet of masculinity, that is why it is often used for developing virility.

It has a euphoric effect, especially if you use its fruit bruised in honey. One of the Vata qualities that it awakens is ingenuity.

Some traditional believes say that if a pregnant woman eats coriander seeds, her baby will be full of imagination and originality.

This herb is recommended for men having aggressive tendencies, which encounter general states of tiredness or burn sensations (gastric and urethral ones).

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3. SAFFRON (CROCUS SATIVA) is a masculine herb ruled by the Sun, well known for its aphrodisiac effects and for its toning quality of the reproductive system and of the heart.

It awakens far-sighted abilities, which characterize the Vata archetype. The ancient Persians used the crocus to make the wind blow; in Ayurveda, Vata Dosha represents the moving Air, amplified by means of this herb.

The crocus awakens specific Vata qualities like devotion and the power to forgive.

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4. GENTIAN (GENTIANA LUTEA) is also a masculine herb that amplifies the ability to sublimate the erotic energies into emotional energies.

It is recommended to extremely passionate men, who suffer from premature ejaculation, wet dreams, genital herpes or other inflammatory, ulcerous genital wounds, from acne or feverish affections.

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