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Germinated wheat is an aliment that is very rich in vitamins and calories. Among the vitamins, there are the complex B vitamins such as, B1, B2, B6, B12, B15 and the E vitamin, which play a very important role in maintaining one’s vitality and erotic vigor. The minerals contained in germinated wheat are calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium and silica.

A germinated wheat cure lasts for two weeks during which you should take at least two spoons of germinated wheat per day, or 100-200 grams. You can prepare the germinated wheat yourself, at home, or you can purchase it from a store, where it is found as powder or as flakes.

The recipe for preparing germinated wheat is as follows: 24 hours before the preparation, chose and carefully wash the wheat. After washing, place it on a plate, without drying it. Cover the plate and leave it in a warm place. After 24 hours, the wheat will germinate. After taking it from the plate, the wheat is dry and ready to be grinded.

If you have germinated wheat powder, you should moisten it in water or warm milk and add some honey to it. We recommend eating it on an empty stomach, or at least not combining it with a heavy meal, so it can be easily digested and assimilated.

The germinated wheat cure is rejuvenating and helps to recover one’s strength quickly. It is indicated in cases of arthritis, nervous exhaustion, urinary disorders and migraines.

You may add the germinated wheat flakes to soup, as an ingredient, or you may consume them separately.

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A very effective recipe in regaining your strength and vitality is as follows: take germinated wheat flakes, warm milk, honey and your favorite spices. Leave the flakes in the milk for 40 minutes or even one hour, then add the honey and spices, and mix.

Hot spices are a very good choice because they are powerful aphrodisiacs. Try: ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, pepper, cinnamon, or even coriander, fennel and dill (seeds).

The spices should be in powder form, because their role is to help digestion and to stimulate, increase and regulate the appetite.

A two week cure is highly recommended for people who are underweight, or who lack erotic vitality and vigor. This is one of the recipes that have a most spectacular effect in gaining weight, for those who need this effect.

However, this cure is not recommended for people who suffer from diabetes, obesity, sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, and for people who have an excess of Yin energy.

Fruits are of great importance as rejuvenating and aphrodisiac foods, because they are also nourishing, energizing and they stimulate the metabolism.

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Most of the fruits renowned as aphrodisiacs contain large amounts of sugars that are very easily assimilated. Their aphrodisiac quality is easily perceived by people, not as momentary but as a long term effect.

They are especially recommended for overweight men and men who have had a diet based on animal products, thus accumulating many toxins in their body. For people who have purified their bodies, certain fruits are excellent aphrodisiacs, which act immediately, as they are nurturing and invigorating, unlike the other aphrodisiacs that usually leave one with a heavy and unpleasant sensation.

In the ancient East, fruits were included in erotic rituals and ceremonies due to their stimulating action as well as their pure resonance.

In the following, we will list the fruits used for their aphrodisiac and re-vitalizing qualities, adding special recommendations and indications for each.

In Europe, they are a symbol of life and fertility. Grapes are also among the most easily digestible foods. They contain a large amount of sugar, up to 23.51% of the fruit itself, a significant quantity of vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B3, B6, and in smaller quantities vitamins C and P.

Grape juice is a very digestible aliment that preserves the same vitamins that are found in the fruit, and has a high energy value: 900 calories in one kilo.

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THE CURE WITH GRAPES: start by consuming a kilo of grapes a day, before the main meals. Increases the quantity with a kilo each day, until you reach 3 kilos, and then progressively decrease it until you reach kilo again. During this cure you should not eat meat, refined sugar, sweets, and alcohol.

This cure is recommended for people confronted with intellectual exhaustion. Good results are also obtained in cases of sexual asthenia caused by stress, physical exhaustion, nervous exhaustion, or psychic traumas. It has exceptional rejuvenating and refreshing effects.

It drains the toxins away from the body and stimulates the recovery process. It is also recommended in cases of vascular impotence and prepares the path for cures of sexual refreshment with powerful aphrodisiacs such as pollen, ginseng, and secret roots.

If taken before lovemaking, the grape-juice is invigorating, energizing, and is very helpful for urinary retention which we will describe later on.

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