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Couples who keep their sexual life exciting have found ways of increasing their value to one another. Erotic games of various kinds are one way of doing this. Almost all lovers play some sort of erotic games, even if they are informal and unconscious. There are also more structured games that lovers play either as an enhancer to their existing sexual life or on special occasions.
Erotic games not only fulfil these roles but also help us to act out our fantasies, in a way that pleases both lovers.

Erotic games can take many forms – the possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the couple and their abilities to be able to deal with what they or their lover come up with. The only rules are that any game has to be acceptable to both and that neither will harm the other physically or emotionally. The source of these games has to be love.
It is common sense to go gently and to experiment with simple games at first. If these go down well you might find that you can be more adventurous.
For most couples erotic games are occasional extras – they are not their regular fare. The secret of success for most people is choosing the right time to play the games. Rejection of a game doesn’t mean that it is off the agenda forever but perhaps simply that the timing was wrong. Be open about this and tell one another if this is the case.
Most couples find their favourite games and stick to them, perfecting and enhancing them over the years to make them highly personalised. Discuss the games afterwards so things that went well can be improved and those that didn’t can be changed. The chances are that you won’t get it perfect first time around. Games couples play are endlessly varied but here are some examples that research and clinical experience show are popular. You’ll make up your own variations on these themes and will probably change them as years go by.

Take it in turns to write a short script outline for an erotic video or film. Put in a lot of sexual details about the story line and try to make it exciting to read.
Now exchange your script with your lover’s and use his or her fantasies to create games that will please you both. An extension of this is to go through an erotic book together and discuss the parts that excite you.

Most couples, especially those that have been together for some time, have their own private language and names for sexual organs. A good game is to converse in your own private code when out at some social event. This makes it plain that you are both ready for lovemaking and you cannot wait to get home to make love. The excitement is more profound because of the secrecy element.
An extension of this is for the woman to tell her husband just as they are going out together that she is not wearing any panties or that she has left her bra off that evening. This can excite him by building up anticipation for what is to follow. If she’s really brave the woman can accidentally expose herself to him, as she gets out of the car while he holds the door open for her.

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Although it is illegal to have intercourse in public a good game is to go as far as possible in a semi-public place where there is a possibility of discovery. This heightens excitement, as with all other erotic games, and the couple cannot wait to get home to make passionate love. But don’t forget to control your sexual energy.

Sometimes lovemaking involves becoming so gentle with your lover that we regress to the relaxed vulnerability of childhood. Many women cradle their man as if he were a baby and some couples have a sort of baby talk that they use when make love. A few couples enjoy having the man “nurse” at the women’s breasts or bathing one another as if they were babies.

There are among the most popular because they are easily indulged in and can form the basis of acting out some sort of fantasy. Many women say that they find their man very attractive in his business suit, for example, and often women dress to have at least some erotic effect.
The very business of dressing and undressing on an everyday basis can be turned into a game. She can involve him in the choice of her underwear and can expose herself as she dresses or undresses. He too can tease in a similar way.
The most popular dressing-up game is to make love with the woman in her underwear. This varies depending on the man, some prefer white lace, others black silk.
A few couples go beyond this and actually dress up in a highly specific way. The woman is usually the one who dresses different but some women like to tell their men what to wear. Dress hire shops offer outfits to satisfy most tastes, from nuns to nurses. Some couples are turned on by acting out some fantasies of theirs doing things that they could never cope with.

Give one another tokens with things written on them. Send them to one another at work, or leave them in private places around the house.
Such a token might say, one night in the back row of the cinema, a weekend away together, a breakfast in the bed, a strip-tease at a time of your choice.

The lovers who play erotic games discover how to be in love all the time, and in this simple way they increase the confidence of one to another.