The written content of is part of a project that started in 1999. It expresses the work, knowledge, and experience of Antoaneta Gotea. Antoaneta is now one of the main Hridaya Yoga teachers. While the technical content is correct, the interpretation and the vision behind some articles may not correspond with her current spiritual perspective and, in general, with the Hridaya Yoga vision. Therefore, most of the information provided reflects just a stage in her spiritual journey. Her new vision and practice recommendations are expressed on the Hridaya Yoga website, which is referenced throughout Essentially, in order to let the sexual energy and the couple relationship harmoniously blossom and not just be caught in attachments, obsessions, desires, dramas, etc. she now emphasizes the systematic practice of Hridaya Meditation much more.

Hridaya Meditation is a form of Self-enquiry, a direct way to connect with our Real Nature, the Supreme Source of Happiness, Love, and Freedom.