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All women look in the mirror several times daily but how many women know that the mirror is a magical instrument which could be used to discover the miraculous world of soul.
So, come with me in the ancient times to reveal the magic of the mirror:
The ancients attributed mystic powers to any reflective surface, solid or liquid, because the reflection was considered part of the soul. Heavy taboos were laid on the act of disturbing water into which a person was gazing, because shattering the image meant danger to the soul.
Damage to the reflection-soul was the real basis of the myth of Narcissus, usually misinterpreted as a fable of excessive self-love.
Narcissus couldn’t bear to leave the reflection of his beautiful face in the magic pool of the nymph Echo, and so he pined away and died, and turned into a flower on the bank. Echo also pined until nothing remained of her but a voice. Actually, Echo was the Goddess of death-by-water, who lay in wait to seize one’s reflection-soul, according to beliefs still current among Africans and Melanesians.
A mirror meant the god’s death in the Pelasgian myth of Dionysus. The Titans trapped his soul in a mirror, as the soul of Narcissus was trapped in reflective water. Many centuries later, the gypsies repeated a tale of Dionysus transformed into the Enchanted or Accursed Hunter, whose soul was trapped in a mirror by a “witch” Mara, the same as Hindu death-spirit Mara.
Mirrors were connected with death in many Christian superstitions. Many Europeans still turn mirrors to the wall after a death in the house, in the belief that mirrors trap the souls of the living or detain the souls of the dead on their journey.
The so-called witch’s mirror could be made of polished stone, a sheet of metal, a crystal, or a bowl of water and ink. Water represented the Abyss, the numinous hidden spirit world; its reflections therefore could be read as shadows cast ahead by future events. In fairy tales, the land of souls often appeared as a hall of mirrors.
Cabalists professed to read the will of the seven planetary spirits in seven mirrors, each made of the appropriate metal for its day, its deity, and its subject matter. Questions about the great folk of the earth were addressed to a golden mirror on Sun-day. Dreams and mystic enlightenment were observed on Monday (Moon-day) with a mirror of silver. Enmities and lawsuits were resolved on Tuesday with a Mars mirror of iron. A Mercury mirror of quicksilver in glass was consulted on Wednesday about money matters. A Jupiter mirror of tin was questioned on Thursday about worldly successes. Questions of love were resolved on Friday with Venus mirror of copper. Lost articles and secrets could be discovered on Saturday by a Saturn mirror of lead.
The esoteric meaning of the mirror was explained long ago by Plotinus, who connected it with the Hindu concept of Maya , creatress of the “reflections” of spiritual reality in the mirror of the material world. “Matter serves as a mirror upon which the Universal Soul projects the images or reflections of its creations, and thus gives rise to the phenomena of the sensible universe.”

Tantra Magazine
Well, it’s time to use your mirror in a new way. Now, you are conscious that the mirror is a gateway to subtle worlds and also it is a way to communicate with your subconscious.
So, I propose you a simple exercise for discovering your deepest qualities and shortcomings. Follow these steps:
1. Buy a mirror sufficiently large for reflecting your whole body.
2. Dedicate the mirror to this magical practice. So, cover it with a sheet in order to use it only when you want to practise the exercise. This mirror will be a magical one.
3. Before starting to do the experiment take a relaxing bath. It is recommended to use essential oils such as geranium, lavender and marjoram, which produce physical relaxation.
4. Take a short meditation for ten to fifteen minutes after bathing. Sit down on a chair, close your eyes and think at your soul. Become conscious that there is a part of it that you don’t know. Amplify the desire of meeting with that mysterious part of your soul.
5. Naked, get close to the mirror. Standing in front of the covered mirror, close your eyes and think that you have a meeting with a strange woman. How is she? You don’t know, but you will discover.
6. Thinking at the strange woman, take away the sheet from the mirror without opening the eyes. Then open your eyes quickly. Live your intuition to tell you about the strange woman in front of you.
7. After you finish the examination, note the impartial impressions about you in your journal.
8. Repeat this exercise weekly for 7 times.

Doing this magical practice you will discover your deepest qualities and shortcomings. Then you have to work at your soul by amplifying the good aspects of it and removing the bad ones.
So, the mirror could help you not only to make your face and body more beautiful but also for make your soul beautiful.
An Eastern aphorism said that a woman becomes a WOMAN when she discovers the beauty of her soul.