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“The human heart- the mirror reflecting the God”

Angelius Gilesius

“Looking at the mirror, the soul takes part at the beauty surrounding it”

In the Sufi tradition, there is hanged a mirror on the farthest wall of the room where the lovers will meet for the first time. The reason of doing this was to bless the first date of the fiancs.

The lovers come in throughout two opposite doors. And they first look in that mirror instead to look at each other in a direct and usual way.

Even from ancient times, the mirror was used for reflecting the beauty and the sensuality of women.

The Gaeto-Dacians noblewomen used to dress themselves up elegantly and to admire themselves in the mirror.

There were discovered glass-mirrors, having a lead frame ornated on both sides. Almost all of the frames had inscriptioned on the border a suggestion, such as: TRIL KALE/ TE KALO/ MIN ALO; that means: “Between the beauties, I am the most beautiful” or FORMASO BIST MIN FECIT – that means: “I make myself the most beautiful”.

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“What does the mirror reflecting?”
“The real content of the heart and of the consciousness”

There is said that Yama the Hindus God of the Death Land used at the Final Judgment a mirror that shows the entire man’s destiny, all his acts and thoughts from his life.

If you know how to look in a mirror it can reveal you more than physical aspects. In that moment the mirror becomes magic one and an enlightenment instrument.

When the mirror is covered with dust, it becomes the symbol of the spirit that is darkened by the ignorance. The mirror is the sign of the harmony of the conjugal union. A legend said the broken mirror means separating of the lovers – it is said that the broken half of the mirror comes in the form of a magpie to tells the man about his wife’s unfaithfulness.

In the ancient traditions, the mirror as well as the water surfaces was used like a divinatory instrument for asking the spirits about the lover. The spirits answered at the questions by reflecting the lover’s face on the mirror.

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The effect of a mirror put in the bedroom so that you can mirror in it while you are making love, or a mirror on the ceiling above the bed, surely create the premise of some explosive erotic fantasies. They could be considered veritable aphrodisiacs, simple but very efficient ones.

When we are making love our senses are extremely receptive, each of them giving unbelievable and complex sensations. From all the senses the visual one is limited for many times by the impossibility of seeing, admiring and observing us during we are making love.

For example a free of inhibition woman would naturally like to see herself making love with her lover, floating on the waves of pleasure.

A mirror placed strategically is a new solution for stimulating more the imagination and the fascination of the moment.

Looking to each other in the mirror the two lovers could be glad to observe in this way the entire action and not just a part of it that is usually happened. And this could be very important because our bodies will become more and more excited and electrified when we are looking to them.

When somebody is looking at us, immediately an inner mechanism is starting in us. This mechanism makes us be more attentive to us and to the other looking at us. Spontaneously you analyze your attitude, your conduit, and your thoughts, being at once more aware of what is happened in you and near to you.

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To observe us from time to time when we are making love, help us to go deeper in this sublime act and bring also refinement to the sensuality and to the eroticism.

So, put as many mirrors as you can in your apartment because they will always help you to be aware both of your exterior aspects and of your both inner attitudes.