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The bathroom is the well, the watering hole, the river of life. It is where you bathe, shower, purify. Purification is very important to the Magic Woman. After a difficult day, she likes to cleanse herself and clear her mind. She also likes to take a shower before or after lovemaking. There is nothing quite like standing under a warm stream of water with your lover before or after you make love – it’s the perfect foreplay or end to a delicious event.
The quickest way to shed worries at the end of the day is to take a good bath. The bath is a natural place for the Magic Woman – she would never omit it. She is always out and playful when you are naked around the water. While cleansing is the primary purpose in taking a bath, adding a different aromatic oil each night of the week makes the bath a transforming, rejuvenating experience. It impresses your Magic Woman, because each day you pour a different, colored bath oil into the tub.
Monday night’s bath is the clear-moon bath, and it includes a spell of purification that goes beyond just cleansing your body. Tonight, relax in the tub. You won’t pour any oil into the bathtube tonight; you’ll let your body’s own oil surround yourself. Maybe you wish to exist a way to make the water silvery, but clear water is moonish enough. The water itself is a little oily, and you can feel it cover your whole body with the intended blessings.

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Burn a white candle and the incense of your choice as you bathe. Think of taking a bath as a prayer, and say:

By the power of the water’s angels,
I let go of the old troubles,
I let go of old life.
I am purified from fear;
I am purified from sorrow;
I am purified from my own mistakes;
I am purified like snow.
Blessed me!

Say the whole verse three times for good luck.
Complete your bath, and slowly dry yourself off with a soft cotton towel.

When the moon is in its new crescent – always keep your Magic Woman eyes on the skies to catch her first appearance – light a pinch of sahe in a small incense burner and say the following to the moon goddess:

I bless my bedroom in the name of the moon goddess to bring in good dreams and events and to protect me from nightmares and sickness and harm of all kinds.

Again, say this three times.
Light a white taper, hold it aloft toward the moon as you look at her, and say:

This is for the beautiful Moon Goddess. I send her my love and I receive her blessing! I feel her magic harmony inside me.

Put the candle down on your altar so you can do the rest of the blessing. Pick up the smoking incense and blow on its embers three times to make the fire good and strong. Circle the room clockwise, making sure that the smoke gets into all the corners and closets – even underneath the bed. You might want to use a smudge stick or a fan of feathers to guide the smoke to those hidden places. When you get near your bed, you can change the words of the blessing to reflect whatever is happening to you. For instance, you could say, “Blessed be my bed, my resting place. May the Fates be pleased with me and protect me.” Or you could say, “Blessed be my bed, my nest for lovemaking. May the Fates be pleased with me and fulfill my good desires.”
Now, collest your thoughts and make spells for your needs. You could say, “I am calling for a loving mate to join me in this bed!” or “I am blessing the lovemaking that took place here! Let us never quarrel without making-up; let there be more love and more happiness.”
It is completely up to you to decide what your needs are. When you’ve finished, put the incense burner on the altar next to the candle. Look at your altar and allow your feelings to surface. If you’ve forgotten something, now is the time to add it to your blessing. Then end the spell by saying “Blessed be!”

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Tonight, walk into your bedroom and light a calming, blue candle on your altar. Undress. Sit for a few minutes watching the candle while you consciously breathe in and out, but hold your breath a little longer than you normally would before you exhale. Then repeat three times:

Come out, come out, wherever you are,
My beloved Nature, my beloved Bride.
Be blessed in all my deeds,
Let me fulfill all your needs.

Now sit on your bed and get very comfortable. Watch the candle from here. Is it a warm, comforting light? Keep breathing. Touch yourself to relax even deeper. Hear the inner voice revealing to you what you need. Tonight focus on your body, on your needs. What feels good to you? We have been taught that we are not supposed to love ourselves, that we are only supposed think about what pleases our lover. But why should this be? What about our Magic Woman? We must listen carefully to her needs.
For us to know how to make love to someone else, we must first know to make love to ourselves. You are a sexual being. Don’t be shy, because sexuality is a gift from God and it can be used as an instrument to reveal our divine nature.
Lie down on your bed. Delight in yourself. There is plenty of time to explore. Run your hands over your body. Get familiar with yourself and with what makes you feel good. Don’t feel guilty or shameful about touching yourself. Take time to focus on yourself and your desires. Make yourself feel pleasure.
If you are not in the mood to make love with yourself, there are other ways you can please yourself on this night. Perhaps you could make yourself a wonderful meal without rushing through the cooking. Enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen. Consciously touching the fruits, vegetables and eggs will make it a sacrament of life. Think about foods as miracles of life that speak fluently to your Magic Woman. They remaind you of your dependence on wild things, on the salt and paprikas and dills and other spices and herbs that make life so flavorful. When you look at eggs, see the healing that they are used for in spells – see them as talismans of rebirth. See milk and honey as potions of good luck. The water itself will shine, reminding you that it was once rain that fell and was collected in reservoirs and is now flowing into your home. The “mundane” chore of cooking is really a sacred gift.
You have only a few hours each night before going to sleep in which you can do whatever gives you pleasure. Eating, drinking, napping, reading, listening to music, meditating, or self-pleasuring – Monday night is all yours. Focus on yourself.