Monday is the day we focus on ourselves. It is not a selfish act; it is a necessity. This is the first day of the week, and we need to collect our thoughts and feelings and focus on our intimate desires.
How do you feel? Are you revitalized by your weekend? Are you looking forward to the upcoming week? It is Monday and you know you have a long week ahead, filled with work and errands and chores. But you must remember that the week can be filled with pleasure. Monday night is the perfect night to begin paying attention to your desires, fantasies, and love wishes.
By focusing on ourselves, we become better friends and better lovers. What is your love life? Are you romantic enough? Monday night is the perfect night to reflect on past loves in order to analyze your mistakes and to avoid them in your current love. You know who makes you happy and why, and you must acknowledge these feelings. If you are unhappy, there must be a reason. Focus your energy on what you want in your love life now. Let the feelings flow out and be recognized. Once you recognize these truths, take action.
Monday is the night to nest and take care of yourself. Treat yourself to a luxurious bath or an early evening nap. Read the book that sits unopened on your nightstand. Get a grip on your life.

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This night is named after the night’s ruler, the moon. Every day and every night the planets from our solar system influence us. On Monday and especially on Monday night, the moon is more powerful than the other six planets, which have the most important significance in our life. Women have an ancient connection with the moon, that of cycles. The moon is the symbolic expression of feminine energy. She rules our emotions; she is our special guide, helping us get in touch with our desires and our selves. When the moon is influencing us with her gentle pull and tug, she is stimulating our wild nature. Women are her lunar primates; they menstruate, conceive, and give birth by the moon’s phases. And as lunar primates, the women must be especially conscious of her constant influence in the bedroom, because the bedroom contains all of our dreams and emotions – our longings, our pains, our pleasures.
Witches consider the moon to be full three nights in a row: the nymph full moon shines on the night before total fullness; the queen full moon is the full moon proper; and the crone full moon shines on the night after. On these three nights, the women may honor the moon’s beauty and power. This honoring can be simple, such as lighting a white candle or establishing your first altar. If you already have an altar, why not clean it or add something special to it in honor of the moon? Note the phases of the moon and honor them accordingly. If the full moon falls on Monday, make a special point of communing with her.

You probably already worship the great and beautiful goddess of Monday without even knowing it. Her name is OSHUN according to Yoruba tradition, but the name of Monday’s goddess in different traditions is not necesarily relevant. She is the goddess you are pleasing every time you brush your hair, dress up, or put makeup. Oshun is the path of beauty. She is also known as a love goddess. A ritual that honors her is anointing your body with aromatic lotions, oils, powders, or creams.
Oshun’s altars are magnificently decorated with fruits, rice, yellow candles, and incense scented with the deep resins of tropical trees – amber and sandalwood.
Oshun is known for her dancing. She dances with the winds and with the cranes, and she dances with the shooting stars that sail across the sky.

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Look around your bedroom. Do you like what you see? Does it make you feel special? Or is it just utilitarian – yet will do? You can change the whole feeling of your room by altering just one thing – perhaps the pictures on the wall. Choose sheets made from natural materials: linens, flannels. Satin will excite your lover! But it is hard to make love on satin, since it slips too much. A little incense has a wonderful effect when burned in the bedroom. How about choosing natural candlelight rather than artificial lamplight? You can burn a special pink candle for happiness.
When you alter something in your bedroom, think about how your slightly changed senses have affected your mood. If you are burning jasmine or amber incense in a candlelit room, you might find that you feel invigorated. The smells of jasmine and amber are full of sweet joy, and when they are burning, you will no longer suffer from low self-confidence.
The lighting in the bedroom, natural or otherwise, changes the mood, and candles provide the perfect illumination for romance. Try burning a peach-colored candle, because peach has a stabilizing effect that generates a calm atmosphere. It resonates comfort, safety, and well-being. Peach will reassure your lover that he/she is trustworthy and that you only have eyes for him.
Your senses are very important, and how you cater to them makes a very big difference in your life. You don’t want merely fall asleep in your bedroom because your senses are exhausted or bored. Be creative in your bedroom; cast spells before going to sleep, meditate, or do some yoga stretches. Keep excitement brewing there.