According to the Chinese classical traditions the nine breaths awakened and harmonized form together one Great Breath. This tradition is met in the occult teachings in China, Tibet, India, Egypt and ancient Persia.

“The sexual secret treaty of the Black Girl”, which describes the nine erotic postures includes also a brief description of the nine magical breaths of a woman and indicates certain ways of recognizes their actions.

Eight of the nine breaths are described as being directly linked to sexual manifestation.

The Black Girl explains:
“One may easily recognize THE NINE MAGICAL BREATHS OF A WOMAN if one carefully studies their manifestations. If a vital, beautiful woman breathes deeply and swallows the saliva she abundantly secrets, then undoubtedly the mysterious breath of the lungs is active.

If she begins to whisper love-words and kisses ecstatically her lover, undoubtedly the breath of the heart is active. If she holds her lover in her arms, with great passion, the breath of the spleen has become active.

If her Mystery Cave becomes wet and hot, then the breath of the kidneys is active. If she begins to suck her lovers tongue, then the breath of the bones is active. If she wraps her legs around her lovers waist, then undoubtedly the breath of the muscles is active.

If she actively plays with the Jade Cane, the breath of the blood is active. If she caresses with great delight her lovers nipples and chest, then the breath of the body has become contend.

If all these eight breaths are not properly awakened, the woman will feel discontentment after
lovemaking. However if these breaths are gradually awakened, she will enjoy the benefits greatly.

The ninth breath of the woman is awakened when she abandons herself constantly during lovemaking. Then she “perceives” her lover with her lungs, heart, spleen, kidneys, bones, muscles, bones, flesh and with her entire being.

Then the ninth breath becomes active and the woman perceives an unbelievable state of contentment and fulfillment. At this point, the Great Breath is active, and it may be known.

Such an amazing experience is the natural result of passionate lovemaking, performed only with continence . It may even grant the spontaneous perception of the previous lives.

Once a person has directed his or her energy towards the focal point of their being, then an enormous potential is put to our service, helping in the discovery of the “bonds” that maintain the chain of causality. Profound experiences in lovemaking may lead to sudden, unexpected
“bursts” of the past.

The experience of the sheer joy perceived through the revelation of the supreme self is mentioned in Tantra Sara as “the supreme stage of fulfillment”. In “The Secret Teachings of Naropa”, a secret Buddhist text, there is mentioned: “the person realizing “the supreme stage of fulfillment” in yoga , which is one of the most effective methods for the awakening and
development of spirituality, should aspire with all his or her inner strength to reveal and experience the supreme, eternal Being.

The sign of this experience is an oceanic state of “melting”, of union. Such a person
should now attempt to experience the full meaning of the Supreme Self and that of another persons self.

One may have this ecstatic experience through the stimulation of the power of sexuality and vitality, not allowing the sexual potential to be lost through ejaculation or discharge.”

This stage of “the supreme fulfillment” in yoga involves a complete harmony between the physical, mental, and emotional levels of a human being, and it is the total expression of the oceanic bliss experienced in sexual continence.

The secret Tibetan teachings assimilate it with the moment of genesis and color it with the colors of the ancestral Mother and Father, milky white and blue, respectively.

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