Here are some excerpts:
The Sincere Girl says that there are five erotic manifestations from which a man can tell if a woman is aroused enough.
1. First, her face becomes reddened with excitement and emotion. At this stage, the man should come closer to her.

2. Then, her nipples harden and her nose becomes a little moist. This is the most appropriate moment for him to begin the foreplay and to engage lovemaking.

3. Thirdly, her throat becomes dry and she begins to swallow her saliva. This indicates that the man should continue his love-movements slowly and sensually.

4. Her jade cave becomes very moist and slippery. At this point the man should penetrate her deeper.

5. Then her intimate secretions begin to flow freely, sign that the man may move at their own will, making her reach the peaks of ecstasy over and over again.

The Sincere Girl then enumerates the five sexual desires through which a man may approximate the erotic response of a woman.
1. If she already desires in her mind and heart to make love, then her breath becomes deep and can be heard. When the arousal increases, she moans.

2. If her jade cave is aroused and she desires to make love, her nostrils will enlarge rhythmically, and her mouth will open in a very inciting way.

3. If her vital essence is effervescent and she desires more arousal, she will begin to rhythmically move her body, arching it very sensuously.

4. If her hearts desire is to get total satisfaction, then her jade cave will become so moist that it will wet even the clothes she might wear.

5. If she is fully prepared to reach orgasm without discharge, she will arch her body languorously as a wild animal surrounding to pleasure.

The Sincere Girl now explained the ten mysterious phases of lovemaking:
1. Embracing the man passionately and loving, the woman shows him that she
desires to be embraced and tenderly kissed.

2. Opening her legs incitingly she shows the man that she desires to be
kissed on her jade gate.

3. As her pleasure increases, she wants shorter, deeper penetrations.

4. Beginning to move her pelvis back and forth, she indicates that she feels
the pleasure growing, and that she anticipates an even greater pleasure coming.

5. Lifting her legs up, she indicates that she desires deeper penetrations.

6. Tightening her legs around her lovers waist she indicates that her jade
cave is well-lubricated.

7. Moving her body sensually and especially her bottom from left to right and from right to left she indicates that she wants penetrations on the lateral parts of her vagina.

8. Lifting her trunk and caressing the man with her breasts she indicates that she is really close to the peaks of the pleasure (orgasm without discharge).

9. Relaxing her members and muscles, she indicates that she experienced the orgasm without discharge.

10. As the fluids flow freely and abundantly from her vagina, her lover will enjoy this abundance. This is an indication that she experienced the maximum of the erotic pleasure.

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