The great breath is known in the Chinese tradition as PO, and becomes active with the conception. It is formed through the union of the parents and is directly responsible for the development of the vital organs of the baby.

As we mentioned previously, it has nine parts conceived as vital breaths. Normally, these breaths are not awakened, but they begin to awake through lovemaking.

The complementary part of the great breath is the Great Spirit, or HUN, which enters the babys body with the first breath of the baby. When a person dies, the Great Spirit leaves the first.

All antic religious systems make the distinction between energy and consciousness. In
the antic Egypt Ka and Ba, in China Po and Hun, which are in fact the same with the Tantric forces of the sun and of the moon, feminine and masculine, (+) and (-).

They are the secret connection between this world and the others. Cultivating a deep awareness of these two principles and how they work, knowing their laws certainly helps one achieve the important transformations required on the spiritual path.

“If yin and yang are balanced and in harmony, the breath (the soul) and the spirit will immediately obtain a place in which they may melt together. Yang is the spirit – Hun, the sun (+) and yin is the breath (the soul), Po, the moon (-). If they are able to unite perfectly in a mutual co-existence, then there will be an appropriate state for a spiritual ecstatic conception.” (TSAN-TUNG-CHI)

An ancient Chinese tradition mentions how the deity of a river that had the form of a shell incarnated as a very beautiful woman. This legend is in fact a symbol, as the feminine sexual organ is often represented as a shell.

The shell-goddess is famous to this day and is known as the Sincere Girl, one of the three famous masters who initiated the Yellow emperor in the art of love.

The legend also goes that the Sincere Girl invented a sitar with 50 strings, at which she used play for the Yellow Emperor. One day, her work impressed the Yellow emperor to such an extent that he said the instrument was too dangerous for human ears and ordered the sitar to be broken in two, each part remaining with 25 strings.

In the attempt to decipher the real significance of this story we should consider the importance of the number 50 in the Tantric literature and tradition: this is the number of the subtle
primordial vibrations of the sound, from which all else was born afterwards.

Thus, the garland hanging on Kali s neck has 50 craniums, and the Sanskrit language has 50 letters.

The Sincere Girl initiated the Yellow Emperor in the secret methods of the art of love, which grant a high esteem and importance to the sexual continence . Two of the works that are still named after her are “The secret methods of the Sincere Girl” and “The erotic recipes of the Sincere Girl”.

These works contain a number of highly useful information in erotism. In one of the texts, the Sincere Girl says: “the woman is superior to the man in the same way the water is superior to the fire: the people who are experts in the art of lovemaking may be said to resemble the excellent cooks, who know how to combine best the various ingredients in order to obtain a tasty and refined meal.

Those who know perfectly the art of Yin and Yang also know how to combine the elements and obtain the most exquisite pleasures.”

The Sincere Girl then continues with the description of the manifestations of the womans most passionate desires and movements.

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