Virgil tells us: “I made my lover experience a very powerful orgasm , so powerful that she “ejaculated”. Going beyond our surprise, it was an experience we performed again, because at this point nothing else could satisfy her.

I read in a magazine the stories of other women with similar experiences. In the moment of the orgasm appeared a liquid clear as water. The event was ironically named “explosive orgasm” or “U.F.E” – unidentified feminine ejaculation.

I could not believe what I was reading, until it happened to us. Our erotic life had begun for about a month or two, when one night, while I was doing cunnilingus on her, she emitted a liquid that surprised both of us. The same ejaculation occurred when I used my fingers to stimulate her.

I realized oral stimulation is very pleasant for women because it creates very powerful sensations for them. I also noticed that every few minutes she would release a liquid that always surprised me.

My lover experienced these emissions in a very intense manner, and I felt that during those moments for her existed only that immense pleasure in which she floated. Finally, she was completely exhausted and incapable of the slightest gesture.

She needed at least three days before being able to start again. What I do not understand is why this phenomenon occurs only in some cases. I heard a lot of talking about the G-spot, and therefore I wanted to know if there are women who reach the results I mentioned immediately, and if the specialists know anything about this.”

Miss Trick’s answer: The phenomenon we mentioned in the previous articles, kalas are barely accepted, even by the women who experience them. Among the 40 women there were few whose stories were particularly interesting.

In their cases, it was obvious that what happened was not ejaculation. During lovemaking they experienced sensations of an extreme voluptuousness, and they felt their vagina was filled up with a liquid whose provenience they could not explain.

This is a very seldom phenomenon, but which is very clearly mentioned in the entire Eastern literature (see Kama Sutra , Ananga Ranga).

Consequently, female ejaculation is similar to male ejaculation, the effects are almost identical: sudden loss of the erotic appetite, exhaustion, need to sleep.

We do not recommend feminine ejaculation any more than we recommend male ejaculation. In both cases, the sexual energy is lost, and the repetition of this process leads to sickness, exhaustion, and accelerated aging.

The kalas do not represent a loss of the sexual energy, they are physical confirmations of certain intense states of pleasure and beatitude experienced by certain women, exceptionally endowed from an erotic point of view.

Sonya tells us: “I always enjoyed lovemaking. Now I met the man of my dreams. One night, while making love, something very odd occurred: I was very aroused and nothing interested me from the outer surroundings. It was as if I had entered into another world. I did not perceive the walls of my room, I felt only an endless space in which the two of us were making love.

All of a sudden, I felt a liquid flooding my vagina. I had no idea what that was. I felt that a well of life was springing from me. I wanted to stop, but it felt so good that I kept on moving and feeling my lover deeper and deeper inside of me.

He also was surprised by the turn of the events. Nothing else beside our lovemaking seemed to matter for him as well. I felt as if floating in another world. We stopped after two hours or so.

It was the first time when we managed to make love for such a long time. I do not know what that was, but I’d really like to find out so we can do it again. And again. And again…”

Miss Trick’s answer: It is obvious that you experienced an ecstatic state of consciousness during lovemaking. You could maintain your consciousness in this state because of the intense orgasm that you felt. Your immersion in orgasm for a long time determines the occuring of kalas.

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