Anne tells us: “I discovered, by chance, during an extra-powerful orgasm , that I had physical capacities I did not even dream of. At the moment of the climax, I expressed my pleasure through an “ejaculation”.

It is a very powerful pleasure, which I feel tempted to live again and again, despite the shame that came with it.

I have a relatively normal sex-life and I would have never spoken if I did not notice an abnormal reaction of my organism. I can make it happen at will, but it worries and disturbs me.

I did not dare go to a doctor and get his professional opinion. One day, when I was supposed to meet a legal consultant, I was wrong about the hour of the meeting and I got there earlier than settled. The secretary left me waiting alone, in an isolated room.

What followed was the waiting, boredom, or habit? The answer is uncertain. It is sure however that an irresistible desire to masturbate overwhelmed me. I resisted for a long time, but I felt my clitoris erect. Any move I performed excited me even more.

Unable to resist this drive, I opened my dress, turned my back to the door and I began to masturbate. I had a powerful orgasm in no time, but my hand would not stop, continuing its massage.

A second orgasm, even more intense than the first one came, and in that very moment I heard the sound of an opened door. And the event occurred. Could it have been the shame of being caught, or the fear that got into me? I do not know.

Anyhow, my orgasm dissociated, overwhelming my as a huge wave. I flooded my hand and the chair at the same time. I sat back immediately, and I realized that luckily the opened door was not that of the room I was in, but that of a neighboring room. I was quite disturbed and confused about the liquid that sprung from me and I thought it was urine.

I cleaned everything, of course, but I was stunned. To clear what has happened I tried to reproduce the phenomenon at home, but the result was not satisfying. Then I recreated a situation in which there was the danger of being caught and… eco! The same result: an tremendous orgasm and the “flood”.

The problem is that for this orgasm to occur, as well as the flood, I had to be in the position of being caught, which really is not my type, because I am not an exhibitionist.

I even took samples from the flooding liquid and I took it to a lab, pretending that it was a friend’s urine. I thought it was not normal for a 38-year old woman to pee herself during the orgasm.

On the day of the results, the lab informed me that the friend had not sent urine to analyze, it was something else they did not know and consequently they could not run the tests.

On the other hand, after those orgasms I felt emptied and I got back to my usual “me” after an hour or two.

My question is: If this is not urine, than what is it? It does not look like the lubrication liquid in neither color, nor consistency. It does not seem to have come out of the vagina, because after the “flood”, the think, dense and whitish lubricating liquid is on its place.

Another question would be why did the emotion of being caught made me experience such a powerful orgasm? This somewhat created a state of repulsion in me, as it looks so ridiculous. This pleasure is complete, and so powerful that I was ever tempted to do it again and again, despite of the shame I was feeling. At the same time, the risk of being caught was a real terror.

Miss Trick’s answer: From what you tell us, you have had ejaculations of liquid coming from the sur-urethral glands. These glands of the prostrate type exist in women in the area of the urethra. You seem to have very important sexual pulsions, since you say you masturbated in your counselor’s waiting room.

The fact that you were risking being caught placed you in a particular situation, which most likely triggered a powerful orgasm. It is possible that during this orgasm occurred also a contraction of the pelvis and consequently the content of the urethra was eliminated.

Your observation that the liquid came from the urethra, not from the vagina was correct. You finally describe a phase of exhaustion that made it impossible for you to have an orgasm during the following few hours.

This phase you described is very similar to the post-ejaculatory processes that occur in the case of men. You seem to have a great sexual assurance, which allows you to put in practice, more than other women, your most exotic and daring fantasies.

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