Are you together for quite some time and you feel that some special spices could only boost up your relationship?

It’s time to take off your clothes, then. Not just anyway … but teasingly, until you drive your lover on lands he never experienced before.

When you feel your relationship has gone too ordinary and “virtuous”, it is time you get into action, and conquer him again. Therefore, you have to learn to reveal yourself, literally and symbolically and he will be yours forever.

Make the stripping become a form of art of seduction and he will be conquered by your charm and wit for good.

So, at your next date, make your first priority the way you undress, not the way you dress. If you wish to offer your lover such an unbelievable present, you have to be patient.

Do not rush and take off your clothes as soon as you can. Keep in mind that in order to build up sexual tension, you have to strip slowly and gradually.

With each “revelation”, he will be more and more aroused. This is because men are stimulated of what they see rather than what they hear.

Revealing your body slowly, you leave and save the best for last. It is as if you open up a present for him, and inside the box he finds your love!

The idea that you are stripping for him and him alone will drive him crazy! Crazy for you!

For some women, the idea of stripping is hilarious. In fact, these women are terrified by the idea that their lovers will finally take a good and close look at their “flaws”.

Have no worries that you will not look perfect, because the most important thing is the energy that you radiate when you make striptease to your lover. In order to do your best, keep in mind that striptease has to express the love for yourself and also the desire and love for your lover.

We will try to guide you step by step to make him dream of you in the depths of the night. Therefore we suggest two variants, and you decide which one is best for you.

This variant is perfect if you are a shy nature. Use a chair or an armchair to cover your body here and there. This is the scenario best fit for the bedroom or living room.

You need a chair, his jacket, tie, black stockings, black G-string, and high-heels. As to the music, use whatever you find inspirational. It is very important to choose a music that both of you like it.

Make your lover sit comfortably on the couch, then pull your chair in front of him, so that you touch his knees when you stretch your legs. Capture his gaze, because it is essential that you look straight into his eyes when you dance.

Start caressing your legs from the ankles upwards towards the margins of the jacket, and then unbutton it until you reach the breasts. Turn your back to him, bend over so that he sees your posterior in all its glory, then tease him unveiling it slowly and gradually.

Turn again with your face towards him, and sit on the chair. Open up your legs slowly, and bend over towards him, leaving your jacket lower, so that he may see your breasts.

Turn the chair and mount it. Cover your breasts with your arms. Stand up and loosen your tie. Then take it off and play with it for a while: take it in between your legs, and then wrap him in it.

Pull him over and kiss him passionately, then reject him. By now he should be hot and ready for the real show. Take your bikini and stockings off gently and slowly, and invite him to sit on the chair with you. Things are just getting started!

Maybe now, some of you don’t have the courage to strip for your lover but one night, after a glass of champagne, you will turn on the music and you will start undressing.

You will feel sexy and uninhibited, and he will be driven crazy…

PART 1   |   PART 2