If you are a hot girl, now it’s your chance to show this to him. Sit on top and dominate him. As accessories, choose the kitchen table or a high chair.

Put on something fantastic, such as a schoolgirl or nurse uniform, push-up bra, G-string, and girdle. Choose also some slow, instrumental music, whatever you feel comfortable and inspired by.

Sit on the margin of the table, and cross your legs. Come up from the table, unbutton your shirt and throw it on him. Repeat with your skirt, but be careful to take it off while turning your back to him.

Stay in your underwear for as long as you can. Take off your bra, gradually, and then play with your G-string pretending that you take them off, which you finally do.

Now dance totally naked in front of him, and this will only make him want desperately to touch you. If you feel brave enough, bend over to your front, but while you have your back to him, then get up and look at him over your shoulder. Sit on the table and stretch your toes to him to be kissed. He’ll be yours right there, on the table.

Here are a few pointers for a perfect striptease:

  • Before starting, rub some body oil all over your body, as this will make your skin shiny.
  • Unbutton your shirt from the lower buttons upwards,so that you reveal your breasts only at last.
  • Use only zipper and buttons skirts, as they are easier to take off.
  • Wear also a bra that closes in the front, in between your breasts.
  • Wear your high-heels all the time. You will look incredibly sexy in them.
  • Keep the stockings even after you took your bikini off. Roll over your stockings, one leg at the time.

On Christmas, tell your lover he has a gift under the tree. When he gets inside the living room to take his gift, he will find you naked, with a red bow on your neck or over your breasts.

Tell him you go into the kitchen to bring the cake. When you get there, undress, write “Sweet cake” on your breasts or belly with cream and call for help. We bet that in less than two seconds he will feverishly devour his cake.

If you are at a party, dance lasciviously before him, and when you are sure you got his attention, whisper in his ear that you will continue this dance as soon as you get home, just the two of you. We bet that he will undress at the same time with you, and at a greater speed!

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