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Kama Sutra is the classic treaty concerning the Eastern art of making love. It talks about these 64 forms or Arts. The text insists upon the fact that they should be thought at the same time as Kama Sutra.It is best that it is made by a competent spiritual guide and not by anyone.

These arts and sciences (because there is no clear distinction between the two) include among others: music, painting, weaving, reading, poetry, sculpture, gymnastics, games, flower arrangements, cooking, decorating, perfumes, gardening, miming, mental exercises, foreign languages, magic, chemistry, mineralogy, fortune games, architecture, logic, the art of being attractive, religious rituals, physical sports, martial arts.

Plus there are also a few other activities specialized on culture and free time. It is, in a few words, what they expected from Victorian women. Nowadays we can add a few technical innovations like, for example, photography.

The Hindi texts on love suggest the fact that both men and women should be prepared in as many of the 64 arts as possible. That is because of the three main arguments:

  • The person who is a master of these arts is also a very important person in society
  • By applying these arts you could obtain what you want in life more easily
  • A person who is a master of these arts is able to keep up with the others in society; even a superficial knowledge of these arts leads to an increased interest and attraction of the others to that person

Nowadays there is a serious problem because of the fact that people become specialists in only one direction. That is the tendency to limit their mind’s capacity of expressing intuitively the multitude of knowledge faces.

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The Art of Loving leans on other arts and has them as its support.
In case these means of expression lack, our existence becomes boring and limited. Humanity depends on these arts as a way of communicating and self-communication.

There is no equivalent to Kama Sutra so far and maybe that is why sexuality in West still has to grow up. That’s because certain social precepts and a feeling of false sense of decency that deprived our contemporaries of a sincere and exuberant exploration of sexuality.
All in spite of the so-called “free attitude” that exists in the Western states.

Practically all that the Occident can offer by now is pornography filled with anatomic details and so-called “techniques”. They say that they are enough to put the sexual problems aside. One of the results is the inhuman sexual perversity that we will talk about later.

The sexual intercourse is rarely presented adequately in the Westal art or literature. Generally people either take sexuality or put it aside, as something that doesn’t belong to art, or they accept it as something mediocre.

Unlike the West, the Easterns don’t look at sexuality like at a detachable part or even an opposing part to spirituality. On the contrary, sexual intercourse is seen as something extremely special, in relation to other arts.

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For example in temples there were presented all types of sexual positions and they were all worshipped. At home, in intimacy, the whole domain of the erotic art, as well as the specific literature, they were considered a natural case of study, highly respected.

The Eastern sexual behaviour goes far beyond the limited domain of the Western “normal state”. Celibacy, monotony, polygamy and polyandry all have their own well-established place in the Eastern culture.

The 64 forms of eroticism must be understood as 64 Ways of the Creative Energies. They are all emanations of the Saraswati Goddess, the ” anima ” in Jung’s psychology.

These arts can be compared to the flames of an inner sun that go and spread in the solar plexus. By burning the lack of science, these flames purify the psychic and transform the individual inside. As practical methods they charm the ones who love them and perfect the perseverant practitioner.

“The human being must study the 64 Arts and Sciences and also the 64 aspects of the sexual union.”

Kama Sutra

“Around bellybutton there is a subtle transformation – centre. It can be considered a lotus with 64 petals or a powerful sun with 64 rays. Its colour is golden and it faces the sky.”

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