Every woman wants to be charming, but few women know that the charm is energy and it can be drawn into your astral body through different methods.
Let’s start with a simple method:

Step 1:
Sit naked on a flat surface, such as your bedroom floor, with your legs stretched out before you. Bend one leg and place the heel at the entrance of your vagina so that it presses firmly against your clitoris. If this is not comfortable then place a hard ball there instead. The pressure should be consistently firm. Now bring your other leg close to your body. Raise the foot of this leg and rest it on the calf of the leg already in position. Insert the toes of the first bended leg between the calf and thigh of the second bended leg. If this is too difficult, place the second leg in front of you.
Sit as erect as you can without straining. The most important thing is to feel comfortable. You can use a small pillow under the buttocks to sit more comfortable.

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Rub your hands together quickly in order to create as much heat as possible. Put your hands on your breasts and feel the heat from the friction. From a central position, move your hands upward and outward and continue circling around gently massaging your breasts.
Maintain the pressure of the heel against your clitoris as you do a minimum of 45 circles and a maximum of 450 circles. A pleasant warm feeling may be experienced at the breasts and genitals. This is a very good sign. You are accumulating erotic energy.

Step 2:
To perform the second part of the method, drop the hands to a comfortable position and maintain the gentle but firm clitoral pressure. The second step requires you to contract the vaginal and anal muscles. Hold this as long as you can without straining, and then relax. Contract and relax these muscles as many times as you can do it with ease. The correct feeling is that you are trying to suck air up into your vaginal and anal openings.
Take it easy. Don’t overdo it. You may experience a delightful feeling that flows from the genitals to the top of the head. This indicates that the sexual energy accumulated through this method is raising along the spine, feeding the entire glandular endocrine systems.
After about a month, the muscle contractions will be easy to maintain.

Step 3:
Begin combining the muscle contractions with the breasts rubbing. Contractions may be easier to learn if the muscles involved are seen as fists, which you are clenching.
Concentrate your mind on what your body is doing.

Benefits of this method:

  • Increase your physical beauty and personal magnetism.
  • Increase your sexual appetite because this method stimulates the secretion of the hormones essential for sexual well-being.
  • You may find that you menstruate less heavily or even that your menstrual cycle ceases. This is a great benefit as vital nutrients and energy that would otherwise be lost in the menstrual blood are reinvested.
  • Prevent or eliminate menstrual irregularities, vaginitis and infertility.
  • The rubbing of the breasts has a healing effect on them. Lumps and cancer are avoided or even eliminated.