You weight him with your eyes, but you cannot know if you’re talking to Mr. Big or Tinny Tom. Until now, the only method for finding out his size was to rip his pants off. Old-fashioned method, with major risks involved.

Behold then an indirect method, involving risks as well, based on the most famous myths of the erectile masculinity. Let’s begin our adventure through the thicket of myth and reality:

This preconceived idea is extended to feet and nose as well. It is also the most known method to evaluate a man’s “arsenal” with one look only. On first sight, it all makes sense: hands, feet, nose are all extremities of the body.

Unfortunately for us, the similarities end here: this theory of the big hands, feet and noses is in fact merely a conspiracy of men to mislead us. There are no scientific evidence to sustain such a hypothesis.

You cannot estimate the size of the penis guiding yourself by the dimensions of the other extremities. It may be fun guessing like this, but usually a big sole indicates only a big shoe-size.

Therefore, although myth no.1 is false, at least your eyes will seek the answer elsewhere, not in his hands.

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Take a moment and think of Sean Connery – sexy, charming, and almost bald. According to this second myth, a bald man will be “smashing” under his belt as well.

The word has spread amongst women that a bald man is more virile and his organ is bigger than in the case of common mortals. There is some truth in this assertion: high levels of testosterone leads to hair loss.

And according to a recent survey in the States, bald men has high levels of this hormone. But this hormone makes him do it more often, not necessarily makes his “treasure” bigger.

In conclusion, the bald make love more often, but they do not necessarily use a bigger “instrument”. Myth no.2 is also false: the bald have greater appetite, not greater food.

Well, ladies… this is no myth! This is reality in its purest form! A study performed in the USA indicates that black people have the greatest penises in the world.

The same results show that the Asian men are on the last place, the media is between 10 an 13 cm.

The Caucasians take over the second place, with a media of 15cm, and the black men come first, with a media between 16 and 20 cm. Therefore, the scientists have spoke and we’d better lend them our ears!

You must have noticed that any group has one individual that usually makes a fool out of himself.

He always makes noise as ten people brought together, laughs heartily at his own jokes, and slaps either his belly, or his buddy’s back every now and then.

He stares shamelessly at the most beautiful woman in the room as if undressing her with his greedy eyes. Such behavior, synonym with a fairly small penis, is more likely insert the thread into the needle, than a woman into the paradise of pleasures.

Well, yes! There is a report of proportionality between a man’s noisy personality and his manhood… Unfortunately for such men, the report is not favorable to them.

The more talkative and noisy he is, the smaller your expectations should be in regards to his size.

He may be the most active man in the room, but once he finds himself in the privacy of the bed, with you next to him, silence quickly takes him over. This may also be because he is such a selfish lover.

You might have heard some rumors from the old ones. They say that the size of a man’s penis is equal to the distance between the tip of his thumb and index, when they are stretched to the maximum in the opposite direction.

However, this trick is not 100% certain, but is works in most cases. All you have to do now is to pull his fingers until they reach the distance you want.