Even if you think you know everything about breasts, this article is worth reading. You’ll find out which statements about breasts are true and which aren’t.

1. If your breasts are small when you’re 15, they remain be like this forever.

WRONG: The final faze of the mammal gland may reach maturity at 20 years old or, t6o be more precise, 4-5 years after the first period. Moreover, there are certain natural methods for enlarging the breasts such as: massage with wheat embryos oil, yoga techniques, lovemaking practiced with sexual continence , etc. All these methods will be presented in details in our site.

2. Breasts volume is genetically determined.

WRONG: There are a lot of factors except the genetic inheritance that influence the volume of the breasts. It is about nutrition, weight, life style and even about the sports you practiced.

3. If you don’t wear a bra, then your breasts will fall.

WRONG: It is not recommended that the women with firm breasts should wear a bra. The only thing that they should do is to keep the suppleness and elasticity of the skin through exercises and massage with special creams, lotions or oils.

TRUE: It is better to use bra if you have big breasts. Without an adequate sustaining system, your motions can cause micro-traumas. They lead progressively to falling breasts. This is why you should always wear a bra if your breasts are considered big.

4. Fitness helps increasing your breasts’ volume.

WRONG: This activity influences only your the breasts’ muscles, while the volume is given by the adipose mass. The best it can do is hardening your breasts, like swimming does.

5. If your nipples are inside then you can’t breast-feed.

WRONG: In most cases this abnormality corrects by itself during the breast-feeding period.

6. You cannot use the same cream for breasts and for your body.

TRUE: Breasts are very sensitive. By applying a cream that is made for more resistant body-parts, you could get some stains that are hard to take out.

7. It is not recommended to sun-bathe topless.

WRONG: UV rays do not cause tumours or cysts. It is true that the skin is very sensitive and the sun can affect it. It can lead to sunburns. You can avoid all these by using a protecting cream.

8. Women with mammal implants have a limited life-span.

WRONG: The presence of mammal prosthetics does not prevent women from practicing a sport or breast-feeding. But we don’t recommend the prosthetics. It is better to use natural methods for making your breasts beautiful.

9. The breasts are one of the most erogenous body zones.

TRUE: breasts are considered as the third erogenous zone, right after the mind (!) and genitalia. It is commonly accepted and also proven fact that nipples stimulation sometimes provokes uterus contractions.

10. It is abnormal for hair to exist around the nipples.

WRONG: The presence of a few hair in this area shouldn’t bother you. You can remove them by using a tweezers. But if they are a lot, then it means that the person has got too many androgens. A special consultation is required.