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People have inquired on this complex phenomenon, considered almost a biological anomaly from times immemorial.

The mystery of menstruation has subsisted first in terms of religious beliefs and superstitions, and later on explained as variations of the hormonal secretions.

Nonetheless, the complex phenomena connected to menstruation have never been totally explained. The number of medical notes about women who have had an incredibly long, healthy life, who brought to this world perfectly healthy children, without having menstruation even once in their lives is impressive.

These testimonials indicate the fact that the periodic loss of the menstrual blood (which is resembling to a great extent to the blood from the circulatory system, in the case of healthy women) is necessary to neither health, nor fertility, as the current prejudice sustains.

The countless examples of women who managed to get rid of this cyclic hemorrhage simply through a proper diet, through the use of medicinal herbs, or adopting a harmonious lifestyle should be proof enough for those capable of understanding that menstruation is in fact more or less natural and beneficialial, and that it might even be a consequence of the violation of the fundamental, divine laws of nature.

In this respect, it is important to know that wild animals that do not menstruate usually begin to menstruate if placed under the unnatural conditions of domesticity. This fact also hints to the idea that the menstruation is in fact a sign of an artificial life, lacking harmony.

As the first medical schools were under the influence of the church, it is not a surprising fact that the modern medical science has taken over many of the superstitions related to the menstruation, including the idea that the monthly shedding of blood is actually a punishment for the primordial sin. In fact, the true punishment seems to be the complete ignorance about this phenomenon.

The existence of women who have suspended their menstruation for certain intervals or even for good, enjoying thus a large number of beneficialial effects indicates also that the initiated woman, who knows and acts accordingly, will pass beyond the preconceived idea of the necessity of menstruation.

Knowing means foreseeing, and foreseeing means being able to. Consequently, the women who know how to take action, and what methods to use will be able to suspend totally or at least partially their menstruation.

The brilliant Albert Einstein said that it is easier to disintegrate an atom than a prejudice. Therefore, it is important that you annihilate the prejudice according to which the menstruation is normal and only afterwards pass on to those methods that help you get rid of it.

Together with this belief about the menstruation we have another intriguing belief as a heritage from older times: the belief that the absence of this monthly bleeding is unhealthy and furthermore dangerous for a woman’s health and for her normal development.

This is the reason for which if the menstruation fails to manifest itself, the woman is supposed to rush to a doctor to help her bleed again for a few days, every month.

Nonetheless, this forced menstruation with synthesis drugs or artificial hormones affected the woman’s health and unbalanced her endocrine system.

Because of stupidity and ignorance, the monthly bleeding has been considered healthier that its absence and women were taught that it is in fact a “natural weakness, perfectly necessary as it represents the punishment for the Eve’s primordial sin”.

Later on, under the influence of the above-mentioned preconceived ideas, the medical science approached menstruation with the same view, considering it a physiological and perfectly normal phenomenon. Consequently, the menstruation has been accepted dealt with as such.

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