Another “achievement” of the contemporary technology, but this time with deep, negative connotations and which unfortunately is welcomed by many women is the hysterectomy.

This operation is usually considered a “safe modality of eliminating the various feminine disorders”, but in fact it is the extirpation of the uterus through surgical means.

Most often, along with the extirpation of the uterus the women (obviously misinformed and misdirected) extirpate their ovaries. The reason for this decision is the formation of various cysts on the ovaries, due to their almost inexistent sexual life.

In the past, the hysterectomy used to be quite a difficult operation, as it implied that the woman’s abdomen was cut. Nowadays though, through the progresses of the medical science, this surgical operation requires only few incisions, and the monitoring the inside of the abdomen with an endoscope.

The surgeon pulls the uterus out through the vagina, and the signs of the extirpation are practically minor. After this intervention, the patient heals in five weeks, and they are pretty much able to even lift weights.

The assertion that the hysterectomy is in fact a beneficialial procedure for women is more than diabolical. Unfortunately, in many so-called civilized countries (SUA, Australia, Germany, etc.) is a current practice that women have hysterectomies.

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For instance, in Australia one out of four women over 40 have accepted the extirpation of their uterus. Yearly, about 20.000 women chose this apparently “appealing” solution, which in fact is absolutely disastrous.

We can only wonder if the popularization of the hysterectomy is in fact just a facade for the rapid and accentuated degeneration of women.

Among the arguments in favor of this “method”, the sustainers invoke: solving the problems of the ovarian cysts and uterine fibroma, eliminating the problems caused by the menstruation and menopause, and mostly because it “is” a permanent, and certified contraceptive method.

However, at a closer look, this “comfortable and easy solution” is a fraud, as the implications on a long term are complex and disastrous.

The comparison between a woman who has had her insides removed and an eunuch is quite appropriate, considering the closeness of the situations.

The erotic pleasure such a woman will experience afterwards, when deprived of these “organs of pleasure” is far from being what it used to be. We have to keep in mind that precisely these organs are the center of a woman’s vitality, feminity, and sensuality. Their absence leads to a kind of evenness of the erotic sensations.

However, as women, remember that there are naturist treatments as alternatives to hysterectomy.

These treatments include herbs, along with an adequate diet and they are perfectly able of solving almost any health problem a woman might have.

Moreover, the practice of the sexual continence is an excellent contraceptive method, and thousands of times healthier and more pleasant.

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