However, if we think deeply and lucidly at these aspects, we will easily realize the paradox implied by the existence of this prejudice: the woman, considered unanimously by the great sages as the perfect creation of God, still has an essential flaw, one that not even wild animals have.

We may thus ask ourselves (keep in mind that most often our accomplishments in this world depend on the questions we ask ourselves): is this flaw inherent to the woman’s anatomic constitution or is it just a perturbation acquired both through a stupid, unanimously accepted idea, as well as through unhealthy living and eating habits?

The absence of menstruation in the case of wild animals and its rare presence in the case of “primitive” women (women whose lifestyle is pretty much natural and who are untouched by the less beneficialial “civilization”) clearly indicate the fact that this monthly loss of menstrual blood is not in the least physiological, and that coming back to nature, backed up by applying effective methods aiming to the transmuting of this huge potential energy and its even repartition through the process of sublimation might lead to the suspension of this unpleasant phenomenon.

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Consequently, our essential purpose with this series of articles about the menstruation is to help the women understand the processes of their own body, freeing their minds from these preconceived ideas.

Next, we will attempt to offer those interested a series of simple, and effective ways to suspend their menstruation gradually.

These aspects are worth knowing, even more during these times, when the general state of weakness of the women has reached alarming quotes. It is also significant the fact that the number of the people noticing the abnormality of this situation is increasing.

As a parenthesis, we would like to inform you that even as we speak the American scientists are trying to find solutions to make the women more vital, and to make them more open on the erotic level.

This aspect is backed up by sensational news: the first results of the Viagra product for women have emerged on the market. In the United States the experiment is in its clinical phase.

Jennifer Berman (urologist) and her sister Laura (sexologist) perform this experiment. What is the use of this woman’s drug? In order to get here, we need to get to its mechanism first.

This drug enhances the sanguine flow at the level of the sexual organs, with direct results: the man gets an erection, and the woman benefits of considerable sensitivity of the erotic tissue.

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This sensitivity, due to the erotic effervescence it entails, it facilitates the transmutation of the erotic potential and its sublimation. The details of obtaining women’s Viagra are scarce.

We only know it is a natural product, made of powdered aphrodisiac herbs, unlike the masculine drug, which has quite harmful secondary effects. The experiences of women’s Viagra included a lot of 100 women, and they were quite successful.

Pregnant women were not represented in this 100 women set, as the effects of this product on pregnancy are not known. Nonetheless, the interesting aspect about the women’s Viagra is that it leads to the suspension of the menstruation.

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