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“When a man kisses a womans upper lip, this is called the kiss of the upper lip. During this time, the woman has to kiss in a sensuous manner the mans lower lip.”


Tantric secret treaties point out that a womans upper lip is one of the highly erogenous parts of her body.

They explain this unusual sensitivity in terms of the existence of a subtle energetic channel ( NADI ) that connects the palate, the upper lip and the clitoris.

This NADI also bears the name of The Wisdoms Spiral Channel, owing to its shell-like form, especially at its lower end. Several texts suggest that intense, passionate kissing of the upper lip or even oral sex shortly creates a special energetic circuit.

Both the famous KAMA SUTRA and ANANGA RANGA indicate the kissing of the upper lip. A virile and powerful man may stimulate a womans upper lip using his lips, tongue and teeth, as well as sucking her lip, while she does the same to his lower lip.

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The Japanese pressure applied with ones fingers (Shiatsu) connects the upper lip with the sexual and digestive areas. Careful and systematic massage of the upper lip frees the sexual energy and intensifies erotic experiences.

An ancient Hindu tradition indicates that the mother should apply a mixture made of gold powder and honey on the tongue and upper lip of the newly born children. This magic rite is recommended especially in the case of baby-girls, as it is supposed to increase their beauty and prosperity.

GORAKSHA VIJAYA, an important yogic text, states that: “there is a secret channel that unifies the Moon center, the opening of the mouth, and the upper lip and this channel bears the name SHANKINI NADI.

This secret channel is winding as a snake with mouth at both ends, and goes down to the Lotus in which the nectar of immortality flows. This secret channel (NADI) is known as the tenth, or the secret door through which flows the subtle nectar of spiritual immortality.”

If a vital, sensual woman may visualize this NADI uniting her upper lip and her clitoris, she will activate this channel and then she will be able to consciously direct her sexual energy through this channel.

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This secret channel is like an empty tube, vibrating at an extraordinary speed, and is shaped as a snail-shell in its lower part. Deep, conscious breathing combined with firm contractions of the Yoni considerably stimulates this nerve.

If a woman is able to control the energy passing through this secret channel, she will be capable of producing her lover greater pleasure.

“When the woman is filled with desire, she should gently and sensually kiss the mans lower lip. The man should now kiss, bite and massage her upper lip. Thus both lovers will reach high levels of sexual arousal and their growing passion will make them experience intense pleasure.”