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Most of the clothes produced in the West tend to be uncomfortable. There are exceptions to the rule, but generally clothes these days seem to divide our body into parts. They are not healthy and not very practical for making love.

Because having to look for ways to unbutton or unzip clothes when you’re about to start an erotic game kills the spontaneity and diminishes the enjoyment of the act. So try to wear light, large and comfortable clothes.

Many of the so-called erotic clothes on the market are synthetic. Those articles are mostly made for fetishists and they are very expensive. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to create your own style, as far as clothes are concerned, by using natural silk or satin.

They don’t even need to be ironed. Also, you can very easily find Eastern pieces of clothes like mantles, kimonos, Indian pyjamas and shawls.

Usually, a man tends to get dressed with his best clothes when he goes to parties or to the theatre. It’s a good thing and you can’t blame him. However, when you are alone with your loved one, you should take into account what you wear as much as you would when you go out.

Tantra Magazine
KAMA SUTRA says that, “When a wife approaches her husband she should wear appropriate clothes and a lot of ornaments, jewellery, flowers, a coloured dress, natural oils, perfume or plant balms.”

The text then advises the woman to keep her best clothes for her husband and the other way around. Each woman who wants to please her lover and to arouse him should posses a line of intimate clothes to wear only when she meets him and some others when going into society.

In the Occident a thin belt usually separates the superior and inferior parts of the body. There are two inconveniences about this: it is uncomfortable and unhealthy because it breaks the free flow of energy through the body. So try to be very careful with your body, especially if you’ve chosen the Yogi way of life.

Light ornaments are attractive, simple and easy to get. Tight trousers lead to distracting the normal energy flow and thus can create real sexual problems. Eastern doctors put in evidence this problem and they consider it one of the main problems that lead to impotence and sterility and even certain forms of cancer that affect the inferior part of the body.

Human’s subtle power centres ( chakra -s) will be disrupted in their functioning by clothes that are too tight. The subtle energy generally will be stopped from flowing freely through the body. So try to change them into large, light clothes, made of natural fibres, when you get back from work. Your body will feel wonderful and free, you’ll breathe easier and you’ll be in a good mood.

Tantra Magazine

Clothes should be clean and fresh. Certain perfumes can give your clothes a sensual aura.
Feeling and smelling clothes can enhance the erotic atmosphere. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and flowers have a deep symbolic meaning in the Tantric System.

They protect the humans psychically and also help them look more attractive. In the East women use a lot of different jewellery in order to please their lovers and to make them proud. The Art of Loving recommends using anything that can stimulate and captivate the senses.

In the famous Arabic treaty on love, called “The Perfumed Garden”, translated in English by Sir Richard Burton and published in 1886, there is a sexual position that requires certain clothes in order to keep the spontaneity of the erotic game:

“The woman will wear a pair of harem trousers that will fall over her heels. She will lean over so that her neck gets near the trousers. That moment the man will hold her legs and will roll her so that the woman will have her back on the bed and her stretched legs over her trunk. Then, with his legs underneath, he will approach his genitals to hers and will penetrate her completely.”

Tantra Magazine
The women in Medieval China used to exquisitely adorn and decorate the rooms designated to erotic games. They were made to reveal and at the same time, to hide shapes in order to stimulate men’s imagination.

Two of the most provocative and wonderful pieces of clothes are, the large silk corset and brightly colored loose stockings made from silk that give your skin a beautiful and exciting look. Generally in the East we can see a lot of simple, but stimulating clothes. They are easy to like and to wear.

Because clothes are so important nowadays they should be chosen and made to increase the charm of the wearer and not to limit his/her erotic possibilities.

The colors and the material are as important as the pattern itself. They will be chosen in order to stimulate the senses. Clothes are thus a feature of our personalities and they can make us be seen in a completely different light.