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The virile and vigorous man moves his tool with great mastery, inserting it inside slowly at times, other times pulling it out rapidly, so that he can penetrate again. His bag (the scrotum and testicles) hangs over in all parts, and his stem fills the valley up the bed of the inner spring.

They both moan passionately, and their chests throb. When she lifts her trembling feet, an inebriating smell fills the air.

Then, sitting across the bed, he applies the Sleeping Art, performing one short thrust with his tool at every nine deep penetrations and he stops only when he notices all the signs of supreme satisfaction on his lover’s face.

Then he alternates thrusts of rapid love with thrusts of slow and voluptuous love, increasing both his and his lover’s pleasure.

The woman’s radiant face begins to change. Her voice trembles, her hair gets entangled. The lateral locks of hair fall over her face, her hairdo begins to lose shape, flooding her shoulders.

Tantra Magazine
The man’s eyes become stronger and more fascinating, and he is now more dynamic. Touching the deepest part of her feminity, the jade stem makes the golden cave palpitate with pleasure.

They both become immersed in the great ocean of happiness of the universe. Now both lovers are relaxed, silent and ecstatic, while relishing the secret union of their bodies and their souls.

The love-weapon is wet and slippery, but it did not lose the seed. The jade cave is moist and the love secretions drip in between her legs.

Their ecstasy is now complete and none of them feels no need to lose control, because they are perfect practitioners of the sexual continence .”

Another Taoist text says:
“When a man and a woman that are in love make love for the first time, the man has to sit on the woman’s left side, and the woman on the man’s right side.

Then he has to sit with feet crossed and take the woman in his lap, holding her thin waist and caressing her wonderful body.

Tantra Magazine

She has to whisper love words, and then they kiss passionately and drink their saliva and other sexual secretions.”

The Hindu texts use a warm and transfiguring language in order to describe the first erotic experience:
“He holds the woman at his chest just as a maddened elephant grabs a lotus . With the avidity of the Chakora bird, he kisses her round face and holds the rim of her sari.

When he touches her big, firm breasts with his hands, she gently pulls back her feet. Whispering sweet love words, just as a bee entering the heart of a lotus, he fights the struggle of love with her.

Thus, in the wonderful game of love, crazy and drunk with love and divine aspiration, he kisses her mouth and her breasts red with passion and desire.

Lying next to each other, moving their bodies in a sensuous manner, pressing their lips, their hearts together, immersed in frenzy and happiness, drunk with divine ecstasy transposed in a paradise. Their teeth bite tenderly and their lips drink the nectar of love.

Tantra Magazine
Their bodies are embraced by the same ecstatic bliss, they tremble and vibrate and thus they quench the thirst that consumed them for many years.”

This typical Hindu image taken from Bharatchandra’s Vidyasundara describes beautifully the peaks of ecstasy that become accessible to lovers from their first erotic union. Mutual trust and transfiguring love are the foundation of their relationship, on which the cosmic rite of infinite love may occur.

“The fruit of all successful marriage based on love is eternal love.”

Kama Sutra


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