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The text does not give any reference to the six rings, but they clearly are part of this erotic procedure and are considered and preserved as talismans.

The Hindu Tantric tradition indicates that the women who were masters in the art of lovemaking wore six kinds of jewels: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and ribbons on the arms, ankle bracelets and belts.

These symbolize: goodness, firmness, fidelity, controlled sensuality, action and respectively immense erotic energy – according to CHANDAMAHAROSANA TANTRA.

The idea that two lovers are connected for ever once there was the physical union is clearly expressed in ANANGA RANGA: “It is a fact of common knowledge that if a husband/man and a wife/woman love each other immensely and live in close union, becoming as a unique soul in one body, they will be happy and blessed both in this world and in the others.”

This is a common idea, both to Hindu teachings and in other traditions as well, underlying the importance of love.

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The poems of absolute bliss continue with a complete description of the erotic act: “during a magic night, bathed in the moonlight, the couple reads the sexual secrets of the Sincere Girl, dwelling upon the pictures of erotic positions.

Around their bed there are paravans, and all kinds of pillows adorn the room. The beautiful woman takes off her clothes, revealing her beautiful, thin waist. Her erotic passion grows.

What used to be hidden now comes out, surrounded in an ineffable light. While the man looks at her enchanting nudity, emanating vitality and mysterious sensuality, his eyes are filled with joy.

He feels her body, and through transfiguration and worship he caresses it tenderly and playfully all over. Then, lifting her feet, he places them upon his shoulders.

The man brings his love “instrument” close to her belly. They kiss, sucking and “fighting” with their tongues, and his “weapon” is stiff and hard.

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Trembling, the jade-stem gets into the golden doorway. Its inferior lips open up tempting and sensuous. His jade stem is erect like a solitary peak touching the skies.

Moist and charming as a shady valley, the sensual and undulating movements of the woman’s hips make her clitoris respond in its turn, aroused and anxious; the perfumed secretions of her body begin to flow abundantly.

The woman, immersed in bliss, stretches her body, tenses her trunk, taken over by unparalleled passion.

The man supports himself on his hands, kneeled on the bed, while his jade stem rises and drops, and moves to and fro, from left to right.

The yang top enters the straight path and gets into contact with the cords of the lyre. Moving up and down, the tool of love searches the seed cave in every manner.

His buttocks move ceaselessly; at certain times it seems that his “weapon” immerses entirely in the pleasant, hot and wet channel.

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Moving calmly and vigorously at the surface and deeply, delicately and vigorously again, he pushes his tongue deep inside her mouth, attempting to reach her most secrets depths.

The bodies of the two lovers shine with sweat. Their exciting and harmonious movements produce a sound resembling to that of sucking.

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