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If both lovers are inexperienced, cases like the loss of erection or premature ejaculation may become obstacles hard to overcome.

However, an experienced woman, practicing sexual continence may delicately, attentively and wisely guide the unexperienced young man through all the phases of the sexual act.

The Eastern spiritual teachings indicate that if a couple of young lovers decide to make love for the first time they have to be careful so that this experience will remain memorably pleasant and especially significant from the spiritual point of view.

This will strengthen the bonds between the two lovers, so that may live fulfilled and happy. The ancient priests established the custom of considering a marriage official after the first night of lovemaking.

Thus, in ancient times, the “contract of marriage” was sealed after the couple has experimented physical union.

If one or even both lovers never made love before, the tantric style of lovemaking will add the cosmic dimension that is so important for our souls.

Tantra Magazine
Any natural technique that enhances the union between the two lovers can be used in order to achieve this goal, especially if performed in a conscious manner.

If this is “the first time”, both lovers should consider first their lover’s well being and happiness. Leaving aside egoism, each of the two lovers should abandon to the divine nature from within.

Honoring the LINGAM and the YONI as companions on the path of ecstasy, all fears and doubt will vanish. The Taoist book, “Poems of the Supreme Bliss” offers a beautiful and significant description of the sexual act in the wedding night:

“During a beautiful spring night, in which all nature rejoices in beauty and harmony, delighting with the red light of the candles, the groom takes the bride’s red pants off.

Then he lifts her firm and contoured legs, while she caresses his Jade Stem (LINGAM), kissing and engulfing it, fully of joy. The man sensually sucks her tongue, so that her mind is no longer troubled by mundane thoughts.

Then, he moistens the interior of her cave with his saliva, kissing and caressing it with his tongue. Before she has a chance to notice, she lost her virginity.

Tantra Magazine

While the bride opens up to new dimensions of pleasure, the groom enters her deeper and deeper, and begin to make active moves, enhancing her pleasure and maintaining the same level of vitality and erotic effervescence even after seven hours of lovemaking or more.

Then the couple wipe their genital area with the “Six Rings”, preserved in a basket near by. From now on, they are considered married, and the communion of the Yin and Yang energies, provider of ever-fresh happiness, will continue and enhance unceasingly.”

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