Sexual auxiliaries are mentioned both in KAMA SUTRA and in some Indian and Chinese texts. They are categorized into herbal aphrodisiacs and sexual accessories.

Accessories or the love instruments represent those kinds of devices that are used in order to add something or even to substitute the genitals. Ancient texts describe different devices to put around or on top of the lingam to lengthen or to thicken it.

Those were usually made of gold, silver, cooper, ivory, horns, wood or even jade; lots of them are described in the Chinese, Japanese and Indian literature. There are also some descriptions of special rings, made sometimes of jade, that were put at the base of the lingam .

They had a prominent part that was used in order to excite the woman’s clitoris during erotic union and thus generating a clitorido- vaginal orgasm without discharging the sexual energy or a COMPLETE ORGASM, when the clitoridian orgasm and vaginal one were launched in the same time.

Such sexual auxiliaries were considered “innovation” by those lovers who could use them when they needed. They were in no case presented as ideal ways of making love and in general they were considered as being without sensitivity and even unnecessary.

Orthodox Hindi law books forbid using any lingam substitutes or the so-called “DILDOS” because they are an “offense to the SHIVA, whose lingam is alive, natural and always erect.”
Medical Hindi texts say that, in case those heavy inanimate objects are being introduced into the yoni, they can cause long physical problems to the woman.

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The KAMA SUTRA suggests that only live and natural objects can be used without fear as a “DILDOS” and it talks about the banana, mango, carrot, radish, cucumber, plant stems and some other fruits and vegetables that have the same structure and shape as an erect lingam.

The same text says that, “a reed soaked into certain aphrodisiac oils and tied around the waist with laces can be used instead of the lingam.”

Chinese and Japanese texts talk about a double – DILDO. It is a sexual accessory made of processed roots, of wood or ivory and it has got two silk stripes that are attached right at the middle of it. A woman can put one end into her own yoni and fix it with laces tied to her waist. Thus she can satisfy a woman with the prominent end of this sexual instrument while she enjoys the excitement produced by the other end’s motion inside her.

Another Eastern innovation, sometimes used by women in order to satisfy them, is known as the Birman Bell. It consists of two small empty silver spheres. One of them contains (hermetically) a certain quantity of mercury and the other has a kind of metallic tongue that vibrates and makes a sound when it is shaken. These twin spheres are carefully introduced into the yoni and tied one to the other with a silk stripe in order to be used easily.

When after they are introduced they remain there and when the woman is moving the mercury creates immediately a light vibration that is very nice. This sexual device is called Mei-Ling in China (“the trying bell”) and there is a similar one in Japan called Ri-No-Tama.

Sex shops nowadays give a lot of sexual accessories of this kind and a large series of vibrators. Unfortunately most of them are made in large scale, out of synthetic materials and there are sometimes ugly and even bad, noxious for the human body.

Tantric tradition considers that it is best that the lovemaking, that is with continence , not to be complicated with exterior sexual devices. If the prelude is much longer, also recommended by KAMA SUTRA, especially when the man is not capable of satisfying completely and easily a woman.

The sexual penetrations do not have to start until she is not very excited and her yoni is lubricating enough, in natural ways. Now there are a lot of creams, gels and oils for lubricating the genitals.

These commercial products are unnecessary. In most cases the excitement of sexual intercourse with continence will produce more than enough sexual secretions to allow a comfortable and very exciting entrance of the lingam. Saliva can also be used very efficiently especially at the beginning. It has certain essential and occult properties.

Any sexual accessory that is introduced into the yoni has to be soft enough not to do any damage to the interior parts of the body. A Japanese text advises, in case of using a DILDO, to warm it at first by introducing and maintaining it in warm water or oil for 5 – 7 minutes.

In order to play some games there must be used sexual auxiliaries like fruits that were previously indicated (they can be consumed afterwards).

A complete approach of sexual auxiliaries must include some playful devices like a harness or a rocking chair or bed, water jets and other numerous inventions that are conceived spontaneously in the moment of love ecstasy.

The whole atmosphere can be viewed as a sexual auxiliary and that is why we must be careful so that it is beautiful by using smelly natural exciting products, coloured lights as suitable as possible.

The human body has got a lot of possibilities in using the limbs, hands, fingers, toes, chin, nose, breasts or tongue. Use your own sexual auxiliaries if you need them. Don’t forget that according to the Tantric learning, the direct contact between excited bodies possesses a special power that cannot be equalized by any kind of substitutes.

The perfect sexual continence of a couple will allow you to experience a lot of miraculous states during your erotic games.

“Sexual auxiliaries must be soft enough, exciting and well fixed in order to complete the job they are used for.”


“Then an object slipped out of the Lotus ‘ sleeve and fell on the ground in a big thumb. She picked it up and looked at it very curiously. It was a bell, heavy enough. Then she looked at him for a long time but she couldn’t imagine what it was for.
“What is it for?” She asked. “And why does it look so heavy?”
“Don’t you know?” he said laughing. “It is called The Bell of Fecundity and it comes from Burma, a country from the South. It is four or five times heavier than silver.”
“And where do you put it?” the woman asked curiously.
“You have to introduce it into your vagina and then go on doing your business. You will feel very good, so that you could not describe.”