First of all, the teachings of Tantra are about bringing a sacred outlook on the common and mundane things that we all have to perform as facts of life.

In the following article, we will show you a way to look at a customary thing as a magic ritual of love, which may also strengthen your relationship and add new and exciting elements to it!

So, whether it is about the morning shower, or about cleaning yourself after a hot day, you still have the wonderful opportunity of playing with your lover and increasing the atmosphere of peace and relaxation between you.

As mentioned before, the key word in this case is playfulness. In order to arouse your partner’s interest, you will need a few tricks and a complete lack of inhibition!

First of all, be creative and full of surprises!

On your way to the bathroom, draw a clear line indicating to the place of your hiding, leaving on the floor the favorite underwear of your partner, a clear indication of your mood: “I want you!”

Thus, when your partner finds you all wet, excited and naked, he/she will find you absolutely irresistible!

Once your bodies are sparkling under the water, and your hands seem unable to stop exploring each other’s body, you may start to … wash each other with a revitalizing and refreshing shower gel, the instrument of your mutual pleasure. Make sure your partner is fully covered with perfumed foam, and then you may embark on an adventurous search, taking over the initiative and begin a full-body massage, with circular movement, from head to toes (which has a relaxing and purifying effect) or from toes to head (which has a revigorating effect).

You can count on his ardent answer back to you!

Rinse carefully, and then lure him out of the bathroom, promising him an exquisite pleasure in the bedroom. Dry his skin with a towel so that he will feel refreshed after, and then a massage with a revigorating product.

At night, after a tiring day at work, you may relax with your lover, in an intimate atmosphere. We recommend an infallible method: take a long, hot bath together. The feeling of his warm and wet skin is all you need to forget all your worries and problems, and reach a level of intimacy and relaxation which allows you to experience new sensations.

Play some relaxing music, turn on the water to fill the tub, add some relaxing bath-foam. While the water is running, you may decide on a massage to arouse your “sleepy” passion. So, simply take your clothes off, as you please, and start a massage that may easily develop into an erotic one, as you see and feel your oily, warm bodies in the dim candlelight. You should both insist on the tense areas, especially on the temples, palms, soles and shoulders.

Then get into the tub, play with fresh and cold fruits, ice-cubes, foam, everything which delights you. Or you may want to find out whose sensitive parts (earlobes, neck, nipples, soles, knees, etc.) are more “resistant” to different ways of touching, kissing and caressing. This treat will surely make you anxious to get to bed, but you must resist the temptation and wash you lover from head to toe, with smooth, round and voluptuous movements.

Now get out of the tub, head for the bed, and tell us your experiences!