If you were ever so curious as to look at your perineal area in a mirror, you most certainly noticed that there is a net of muscles in this area. These muscles are terribly important in the good functioning of the genital apparatus.

In the West, the issue of training these muscles was raised only in the 50s, once the studies of Dr. Arnold Kegel began. On the other hand, in the East, the techniques for strengthening the sexual muscles were known and, more importantly, practiced for thousands of years.

Thus, in the ancient China, the women would use an egg or sometimes two eggs of jade to train their vaginal muscles.

These women would insert the jade egg or eggs (according to the case) into their vagina and would move it through the contraction or relaxation of the vaginal muscles.

Although the idea of making ones sexual activity better through the simple training and strengthening of the sexual muscles might seem somehow revolutionary, things are not quite as they might appear.

The secret is ancient and it appears to be lost only in the Occident. The practice is centuries old. The text that bring us back to the year 800 B.C. in the ancient China and then in the old Arabia and India, discuss this method as being part of the methods that prolong the erotic ecstasy.

Indeed, those who can see in the sexual act a spiritual union, not only the physical copulation, certainly noticed that if they contracted their sexual muscles during lovemaking, generated a flux of vital energy.

The Taoists say that stronger pelvic muscles are more effective in preventing the vital energy from “leaking” outside the body.

The various cultures and civilizations described a multitude of techniques of training the pelvic mulscles in order to enhance the intensity of ones erotic sensations.

In the Hindu Kama Sutra , the world-wide famous and classic on the art of love and lovemaking, the author describes an essential position, named the “Clenches”, in which the woman grasps and squeezes the mans lingam (penis) in her yoni (vulva).

With her muscles, she massages, presses and squeezes his lingam, bringing his to unexpected and wonderful states of pleasure.

Another hindu erotic manuscript is Ananga Ranga, which was translated also in Arabic. Thet author describes a form of sexual act in which the woman “holds” the mans penis inside of her and then she “milks” him with her vaginal muscles.

Another important work in the field, which also describes this mastery of the woman, is the “Perfumed Garden”, written in the XVI-th century Arabia.

This is declared the best of all movements, and is the womens favorite. The man penetrates the woman deeply, while the woman keeps him prisoner with her strong muscles. It is said that these actions cause intense orgasms to both men and women.

Even today, the art of vaginal training is still practiced in Japan, Thailand, and other countries from the Far East, as well as in some tribes from Africa and in India.

These capacities can be seen in all sex-shows all over Asia, where the women have developed amazing vaginal muscles.

Using their vaginal muscles, they are able to smoke, launch arrows or various balls into the other corner of the room.

Also, inserting a small object into their vaginas and tying a string to it, these women are able to do amazing things, such as opening a bottle, or peeling an apple.

As you most certainly realized already, these exercises were named after the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel, PHD in medicine, who discovered their effectiveness in the 50s.

He also discovered that the women whose pelvic muscles were weakened could attain notable results after a while of practice.

These women not only recovered more easily after giving birth, but many of them who had had lacks in controlling their sphincters were cured completely.

The standard technique of practice established by Dr. Kegel is designed mainly for those who already have a physical problem, such as a failing organ, or urinary incontinence, or for the women whose pelvic muscles were already very strained by pregnancy.

However, the most important discovery was the proof that after strengthening these muscles the women had more intense orgasms and enjoyed the erotic act more than previously.

In some cases, women of 50 years who had never had an orgasm to that age, finally found out what it was and continued to enjoy the feeling years after that.

The Kegel exercises act on certain pelvic muscles. These muscles form a kind of elastic hammock beneath the pelvis, stretching from the frontal part of the pelvic bone to the anus.

They basically sustain and support all the organs from the inferior part of the torso in their correct positions, opposing to the gravity. As you can imagine, when these muscles are heavy and flask, they also lead to all the rest of the organs to come down.

Consequently, Dr. Kegel designed a rudimentary technique for strengthening these muscles. These exercises are a series of repeated contractions, which are usually performed while lying down or sitting.

Clinical tests indicate that they improve beyond any doubt the muscular tonus and resistance. The gynecologists all agree that the strengthening of these muscles is vital, even from a very early age.

Various studies have indicated that a surprisingly significant percent of women have their pelvic muscles weakened to various degrees, without being aware of this thing.

Dr. Kegel’s clinical observations indicate the fact that 30 up to 40 percent of the women have malfunctions of the perineum or pelvic muscles. This is not a surprising fact, considering that these muscles are not working as much as they should.

In the past, they were used more due to the squatting position when urinating, but today the toilet seats eliminated this.

The pelvic muscles are quite similar to other muscles, such as the arm muscles, or the abdominal muscles. Unlike the cardiac muscle, for instance, which is an “involuntary” muscle, the pelvic muscles can be easily contracted at will.

This is why they can grow stronger as a result of repeated contractions, as any other muscle of the body.

If the stimulus is powerful enough, they will also become larger, which will in its turn have a definite impact on their strength. The development of new muscular fibers will bring an increase in the blood flow and in the muscular tonus.

One of the most important principles in training ones sexual muscles is to be specific. This means that in order to develop certain muscular functions, the muscles need to perform certain types of exercises, according to their type of activity.

If they are trained differently, there can be some benefits, but the body will not acquire the necessary effects to help you function at the optimum level.

In fewer words, in order to be able to play tennis you need to practice playing tennis. However, although the tennis makes you more fit working on the same muscles, playing tennis will not make you a better dancer.

For this you should simply dance. Naturally, you will not train for marathon swimming kilometers, and expecting that after this you will be able to run.

You will probably improve your resistance and overall vigor, but you may not gain the coordination of the movements required for running long distances.

The same principle is rigorously applied to the Kegel exercises as well. You may perform the Kegel exercises and then note an improvement in your sexual activity.

The standard exercises for the pelvic muscles consist in repeated contractions and relaxations of these muscles.

However, as we already said, they are effective for gaining a minimum of muscular tonus for recovering the muscular fiber after giving birth or for strengthening it when an already existing weakness is causing a physiological dysfunction.

Nonetheless, the overall muscular tonus required for the general functioning of the pelvis is completely different and smaller than the muscular tonus required for the sexual act.

In order to improve ones sexual performances, the Kegel exercises need to be perfected, and transformed into a series of exercises designed especially for this purpose.

If you desire to improve significantly your sexual performance and the quality of your orgasms , the standard program of exercises is not enough.

The basic Kegel exercises will not result in sufficient muscular strength or in the resistance and coordination required for a spectacular improvement of your erotic performances.

For this purpose you need to practice for the erotic act itself. You need to practice so that you copy the rhythms, the positions, and the forces present during lovemaking.

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Indeed there are women whose pelvic muscles are strong and well-developed and yet they are not able to experience the orgasm.

In the case of such women, it is highly useful if they focus their attention during lovemaking in the genital area, trying to experience each sensation of pleasure that arises.

In the yoga practice, the fact that the mind direct and channels the energy is a fact of common knowledge. Therefore, the mental focus on the genital area during lovemaking will channel the energy in this particular area, improving the erotic experience.

Consequently, both the vaginal contractions and the mental focus have the same purpose: increasing the energy in the pelvic area, facilitating the experience of orgasm.

The erotic experience is definitely subjective. There is indeed a causal link between the sexual stimulation and the sexual excitement, but ultimately the decisive factor in determining how pleasurable the erotic act is, is the psychic component.

Masters and Johnson discovered that even in a state of excitement the erotic response of both men and women could be immediately shut off by another type of stimuli, either a powerful distracting noise, or the loss of mental focus, or tiredness, emotional discomfort of any kind (anxiety, anger, uncertainty).

In some cases, the repeated incapacity of becoming sexually aroused can lead to self-closure, and mental blockages, which will inhibit any further progress.

We need to keep in mind that in order for the lovemaking to be truly sublime, it needs to be an integration of the psychological, emotional, and physical aspects.

And a proven fact is that sexuality has nothing but benefits from the supplemental pelvic tonus. Many actual studies indicate that the muscular tone and strength can do wonders for a woman during lovemaking.

If you have problems with the sexual arousal, the physical improvement of this aspect will allow you to focus also on the emotional and psychological component.

These “sexual contractions” will prepare you for pleasure. Learning a method to keep your normal and healthy functioning of your genitals, and in the presence of the other components – love, attraction, respect, security, and proper mental stimulus – the erotic act that you will experience will be the most pleasurable ever.