Feel his touch, smell your perfume, listen to his breath, touch with his lips…What could be more sensuous than a massage from your lover?

Take your lover’s hand and engage with him in a trip of the senses!
After all, a “successful” massage is a way of saying “I love you” from head to toe.

In the fight against the daily stress, such a moment of intimacy, spiced with sensuality and tactile sensations will help you find each other once again and will help you feel close.

Moreover, you will learn to know your lover’s body and his erogenous areas, and eliminate the stress at the same time.

Begin by transforming your room into an oasis of sensuality. Use your imagination:

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Coloured flower petals, candles, soft pillows, fruits (our favourites are strawberries and bananas), a plateau with appealing food, tea, perfumed sticks, massage oil, a soft skirt, and any other object that might arouse the senses, and make one forget the daily worries.

You may also add to this “arsenal” of massage a silk scarf, feathers, a soft brush, or even ice-cubes.

Before he begins, teach him some essential rules for a successful massage:
Warm hands, room temperature at least 20 degrees, your wish are his commands, tell him what you like, avoiding any futile discussions, slow movements when massaging, massage oil and towels have to be close at hand, no disturbance whatsoever.

Here follows a simple, sensuous and relaxing massage:
1. His hands come on your shoulders, go down along your arms, to your palms, and stay there for a few seconds. Then they massage their way up on the shoulders, neck and head.

2. He slowly but confidently massages your back, down to your buttocks, then he brings his palms upwards, along the exterior part of your back, up to the …

3. Lie on your back, with your head between his knees. He places his hands on your chest, massages your breasts, and then all the way to your pubic bone, then heads towards the exterior of your hips, and then on your sides, to the place where he started.

4. Lie on your belly, and close your eyes. Your lover kneels between your legs and places his hands on the back of your knees. Then he allows his hands to glide on your hips, buttocks, back and shoulders, and then goes down your arms, to the fingers.

5. Starting from your chest, he will massage to your shoulders. He cups your shoulders and presses them, then places his hands under your shoulders and lifts them until all your muscles relax completely.

6. He covers you with a sheet (silk, preferably); lies next to you and you savour together this sensorial drunkenness.

Photomodelling by MYSTICLOVER