Sit on a riding position above your lover who is lying on his back but facing his legs. Place his erect penis inside you and then bend backwards so that he can caress your breasts and whisper you love words.

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Hold tight the base of the penis. Then, while still contracting, move your pelvis upwards so that the vagina pulls the penis upwards. Relax the contraction, come back to the initial position of the genitals and repeat the movements.

In the traditional missionary position, with your lover above and your legs embracing his tight, squeeze strongly as if you milk or massage the penis.

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Alternate the contraction of the vaginal muscles with the one of the muscles around the anus, then make a simultaneous contraction of all these muscles.

With your lover lying on one side, take a position which is perpendicular on him, with your legs raised above him and relaxed. Contract your muscles in a wavy movement.

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Establish a wave of individual contractions starting from the anus, passing through its inferior part of the vagina, then trough its inferior part, urethra and then back following the same way.

The movement require precision and concentration that is why it needs to be slow. Remain in each position for a few seconds, then pass to the next one.

Stay above your lover who is lying his back, facing his legs. Make the “going up the stairs” movement while you vary your position and contract your vagina during its “walk” on the penis.

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Each contraction must be very strong and followed by a complete relaxation. Stop and squeeze again.

Try the “rocket launcher” in the classical doggy position.

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Squeeze strongly. Push towards outside when your lover pushes inside. Keep the impulses slow and under control.

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