Imagine your lover’s penis inside and contract your muscles around it. Concentrate intensely and imagine yourself pushing on its head, medium part and on its basis. Alternate the side that you press on.

Having the imaginary penis still inside, exhale and contract as hard as possible trying to push it out.

For this exercise you can use a natural dildo, an artificial phallus or a weight. Push it forcefully out.

Imagine yourself pulling the penis deeper. Notice the difference between the pushing and pulling sensations.

Imagine yourself contracting in the depth in order to surround the penis as tight as possible. Keep it like this and imagine that you can contract even harder and that you press it on its whole surface. Imagine that you can contract so hard that you milk it.

Imagine your exterior lips gathering around the basis of the penis. It is the area with the best developed musculature, thus here you can do the best force exercises by contracting as hard as possible. Alternate the fast contractions with the slow ones.

Repeat this exercises until you feel you can distinguish and consciously control different parts of your musculature.

These actions are very subtle and you should not give up even if in the beginning all these variations will form one gigantic contraction.

The more force and control you get, the easier it will be. Even if you feel a little unsure about the force and the precision you manipulate your muscles with, do not forget that their work is their practice, and you will each time notice an improvement.

Some tonic and powerful muscles can find countless ways to add variety and pleasure to a boring sexual life. Even the daily exercises become very interesting when you practice them with your lover.

But do not hurry to use the new techniques. Take it easy. Read all the variations but choose one or two that you find very exciting. Think of them. Visualize them. Exercise as much as possible before making love.

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Then, in the most passionate moments, when you want to try something new, you will have all the exercises fresh in your mind.

You should come back to your list and refresh your memory only after you had exercised all the possibilities of the new technique and you had discovered a personalized variation. Add the erotic exercises to your more varied ecstasy repertory.

Encourage your lover to stay still while you contract your muscles at the finest movements. Do not hurry, visualize everything while you are exercising. Then, if you cannot stand it anymore, apply one of these techniques to your own lovemaking style.

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