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Level 4 consists of powerful contractions, described in the following articles, with one of the devices presented below. Perform each exercise as it is indicated.

Make each contraction with maximum force. Once you can perform the basic exercises, repeat them but each time holding tightly 30-90 seconds before releasing the muscle.

Repeat them daily. When you can perform three different series of twelve repetitions of these powerful contractions, pass to the next level.

Now we search for power and endurance. The easiest method to have the muscles more resistent is to strain them at a big enough intensity so as to increase their power by the use of some special weights.

If you do not have vaginal weights, you can use a simple method to practice intensely. Anyway, the helping instruments are a good investment if you want to have strong vaginal muscles.

Even if the weights are very light, the resistence they oppose can put your muscles to work. Make sure that everything that you use is up to hygienic standards and that after use all objects will be completely washed and dried.

Here you have now the sexual acessories that can be used:

This is a measuring device like a big tampoon. It can measure the pressure and has a tube connected to an indicator screen.

When introduced in the vagina, it indicates the power with which the muscles contract. It is useful especially for the women that cannot feel the muscles they should work on.

The visual device can offer an immediate feedback. At an advanced level, the device is useful for measuring the progress made in increasing the power.

The disadvantage is that it can measure the intra-abdominal pressure beside the pressure generated by the contractions of the muscles of the pelvic area and so, it can indicate a good contraction even when it is not the case.

To make sure that you work correctly the muscles of this area, you must test it with the finger regularly. Introduce a finger in the vagina and make sure that you feel the muscles of the pelvic area constricting around it.

Studies proved that exercising with these products increases significantly the power of the pelvic muscles, more than their absence – in some cases, even three times more, in the same period of time.

That is not surprizing as any muscle of the body gets more powerful quicker if it is put to work.

These devices were invented by the biophysician Stan Plevnik in 1985, as an auxiliary method to awaken the pelvic area.

The weights are made of metal built in plastic and have the shape of some small tampoons. They can have 20 and 100 gr, according to the manufacturer.

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