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Once introduced, the sensation of losing the object from the vagina is credited with the initiation of an instinctive reaction that makes the pelvic muscles constrict around the cone in order to keep it inside.

In other words, the presence of a foreign object stimulates the receptive nerves that receive a special sensation of the area. If generally it is difficult for you to locate the muscles, a direct stimuli can facilitate it.

Your concentration does not need to be that big like in the exercises for contracting the muscles made alone.

If the object starts to move, especially if it is about to slip out, there is a reflex reaction that makes the muscle hold back the cone.

Again, you will be able to identify the contracting reaction and even more capable to reproduce it at will.

If you try to hold the weigth by contracting the muscles, you will strethen the muscular fibres. A strength increase means an increase of the global muscular tonus and a more powerful constriction of the sphincter muscles.

By definition, the maximum passive weigth is the weigth of the haviest cone that can be hold in the vagina for a minute while walking but not voluntarily; the maximum active weight is the weigth of the haviest cone that can be hold voluntarily.

These are two balls attached to one another by a string. They are similar to the vaginal weigths although technically they are not so useful because their weigth cannot be adjusted.

Generally, they can be bought from any sexshop. You can introduce the balls just like the weigths and follow their instructions or you can create a manually induced endurance by trying to take them out while contracting the pelvic muscles in order to hold them in.

You can use an artificial penis, a vibrator, a cucumber or any other natural dildo that is introduced in the vagina like any other endurance devices.

Make sure that everything that you use is washed and completely dried before and after being used.

Introduce it, stand straight and try to keep the device inside. Then try to keep it while walking. Lie down on your back and rehearse the contractions around the device.

The most efficient way to work on a muscle is to contract it as much as possible and after this to relax it completely.

As in most of the exercises you mainly concentrate on the contraction of the muscles, try and concentrate among the contractions and on the relaxation.

Thus, there will be a notable defference between the intense pressure of the contraction and the lack of pressure, which will allow you to establish a rhythm. This kind of practice will make possible a better training of the muscular fibres.

It is important that you know the difference between the voluntary contraction and the one made while having something introduced in the vagina.

Altough the auxiliary devices are very useful, they are also very limitative as they do not permit the practice of all the movements necessary for an extended training.

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