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You are still wondering whether to take his picture out of the frame. He has already replaced yours!


The week after your separating, your ex already has dinner with another woman, right in your favorite restaurant, all the while you still toss in bed at night and wet the shoulders of your friends!

The only accepted explanation amongst women is that men are heartless bastards and that women are without luck.

It is commonly accepted that men get over the inherent regrets of separation. It’s because from the very beginning, men involve less in a relationship and are not afraid of loneliness… while women are most often too afraid to move on…

When a relationship get to the end, men usually go out and get drunk, without over-discussing it, and if asked, change the subject. They do not blame themselves, throwing the blame (if they seek someone to blame) on the woman, circumstances, faith…anything else but themselves.

The general conception is that the relationship is a failure, and this has nothing to do with him!

They do not think: if I weighted 10 pounds less, or his parents had liked me more, this relationship might had a better course…
A man simply goes out with the first eligible woman, because for him life goes right on!

Women, on the contrary, feel this maddening urge to complain to their friends about the unjust faith, the possibility of not having been up to the standard of that relationship. Women need comfort, caresses, endless discussions about things they could have done in order to save the relationship, but they didn’t…, then cry their heart out!
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Women feel as losers after each relationship that comes to an end, regardless if its true insignificance.
Well, women agree that he was the bastard, but if only I had been thinner…, maybe he would have stayed with me…
Women usually imagine that they would end up being lonely for the rest of their lives.

We believe it’s high time you stop taking the blame for everything and defeat him with his own weapons!

1. Do things to keep your mind off this situation!
However, the main point here is not to get drunk, but to get out of the house as much as possible. The lack of activity implies introspection and he knows he does not need that at this moment!
Therefore, turning away his attention is better than over discussing the issue and sinking deeper into it!

2. They do not discuss it!
There is no point in discussing it!
Men consider the words “it is over” as ” stop” and act consequently, meaning that their pattern of thinking is less complicated, and when they are again alone, they do what they have to do: go out for women!

3. The relationship is a failure, not them!
For most men, the RELATIONSHIP is distinct from both partners!
If the relationship is not working, it is not because of him!
In fact, its failure forces him to seek a relationship that might actually work!
Owing to this, men do not loose their self-confidence, do not cry, do not act different when in the company of others.
Moreover, and most important, they do not fear a recurrence of their mistakes, because in the first place, they did none!

4. Men do not fear they will not find somebody else
When making a couple, man and woman start from different standpoints.
Men always know that they can have other relationships, at any time, while the women tend to totally involve in the present relationship and disregard any other thing the future holds in store for them, even if it actually might prove to be better than what they previously had!

5. Go out with the first “eligible” woman (or not necessarily eligible, but always available!)
Owing to their need to prove (equally to himself and his friends) that he is “on top of things”, and does the thing: gets involved with the first woman who gets into his way!
Hey, life goes on!

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1. Desperately cry out for friends!
Friends are an important source of comfort, but at the same time, the endless discussions about what happened force you to introspection! Introspection is useful if you are still lucid and able to draw a clear line, but may (and in many cases it really is poisoning) if you only resume yourself to regrets!

2. Do not eat to forget!
While you pour your regrets, you also eat a lot of cookies, chocolate, and so on.. Some weeks later you are still depressive and looking your worst!

3. Discussions!
All those endless complaints and analysis have as clear consequences your repeated self-infliction with pain and victimizing yourself.
Remember that vulnerability is also a personal choice!

4. Unlike men, women feel they bear a certain responsibility in this relationship’s failure and they perceive the end of it as a catastrophe whom they are responsible for!
This is not true, so you’d better get over it!

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