It is the secret key that can make someone do a certain action. When the motivation is strong enough, any action, no matter how hard, will be completed.

It is well known the case of persons suffering from incurable cancer who wanted so much to live that they overcame their destiny defying the limits of the present scientific knowledge.

In such cases, the desire to live was the engine and the fuel of their superman efforts.
Every human being has a secret part of the soul, which can manifest strongly when it is awakened and can make him act creatively.

The motivations differ from one man to another:

  • Some have a strong desire to live, to entirely use their physical, psychical and intellectual forces;
  • Some have a strong sensual desire. For example, some women change “over night” in order to be together with the beloved one; their face and body shine, they “suddenly” have a huge power to act and everything is generated by their endless desire to be with him, to be seduced by the beloved one;
  • Some have a high sense of humor and self-respect. These are the women who rise from their own ashes in order to prove that there is within them something that is stronger, brighter than any human weakness;
  • To some women the love is above everything; it gives them wings to fly towards what is harmonious and beneficialial at all levels. In such cases, many (sometimes miraculous) transformations are consequently of their desire to offer love in a way or another;
  • Here is a special type of women who have a strong intuitive orientation to what is natural, harmonious and beautiful. Their transformation is usually spontaneous and apparently easy;
  • There are few women who have a strong sense of the unity of things, who positively transform themselves because of their clear intuition that everything in Nature, in Universe evolves according to same divine laws.In such cases, the process of self-transformation is a spontaneous resonance with some sublime energy from Macrocosm , which are gradually awakened and amplified in their inner world.At this level we should not consider the problem of doing something beneficialial because this process simply takes place; many women having a spiritual orientation have noticed that their more or less common motivation hide a more profound one: to approach spirituality through beauty.

    The impulse to be a veritable woman is deeply rooted in any harmonious woman. That is why, the inner search for the feminine beauty expresses the hidden wish to acknowledge her own nature, to reveal herself.

    While the spiritual impulse is better acknowledged, the desire for embellishment becomes the desire to express the archetypal idea of beauty, to be the Beauty itself.


Every woman has one or more of these motivations. If they understand that the process of self beautification will lead them to the accomplishment of the aspiration or desire that motivate them, they will acquire a strong ability of self-support.

Here you have some simple examples that will make you understand the importance of motivation.
Many women from our society have to face two big problems that influence their beauty: the overfeeding and sedentariness.

Watching TV while eating has become the main hobby of many women from the civilized world. This life style causes distortion of the silhouette, excessive fatness and a heavy appearance that lacks freshness. The efforts needed to change the situation are quite big.

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