The term motivational complex designates a sum of vital, sensual, deep-emotional, intuitive motivations which start to develop once the process of transformation has begun. This motivational complex will generate very strong and different inner tendencies.

For example, it has been noticed that during a beautifying programme, after the strong desire to see and to feel the way in which a woman may become objectively beautiful, a vital necessity to see a positive evolution at the physical level of the just started process appears.

Once the programme has started, a beneficialial inner state may or may not appear, but women look mostly for the physical effects. After a while they begin to feel that there are other things that give even greater joy than the physical beauty.

Different crises might come out of the subconscious: “What do I prefer, to be beautiful, or to be spiritual, efficient, generous, etc?” Now it is necessary to unite the life they have had till now with the present life (from the process of transformation).

People rarely realize the close connections among the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. But, women who have systematically, consciously and affectionately followed the stages of the programme are favoured.

Now they can realize that an apparently common massage of the breasts removes the blockages from the emotional level, that the shaping of the waist through self-massage and body postures generates a general state of elasticity, flexibility, adaptability, lightness, etc.

The imperative motivation to overcome the limits of a decaying physical structure is sometimes quickly put in the shade by the wish of acquiring a social and a familial stability.

The wish to meet love, to abandon herself to it is replaced by the paralyzing fear of not being alone, of not losing what she already possesses, that is, her husband, her lover, a material security.

A senseless question might appear before she becomes aware of the value of the process that takes place inside her: “What am I giving up?” (you cannot give up a self-transforming ability that you do not have.)

Another thing that we rarely feel is that the individual progress supports everything that we do or we want to do, that a basic wish that we do not fulfil now will disappear only temporarily (in the depths of our being) and it will come out again even stronger and more imperative.

The challenge to be a woman is very strong and it can cause great inner struggles when it is not answered to.

After we have described these aspects from a harmonizing programme, we could ask ourselves: “Who could understand anything from all these motivations, even if they are our own?”

This question is caused by the great difference that usually exists between soul and mind. The understanding has more levels. Among them, the theoretical one is the first, the lowest and the most appealed at.

The argumentative, mental understanding, in which we tell ourselves what we should do and how we should feel is often defeated by the power of some very strong motivations that develop inside us in an unknown way.

Then, the argumentative mind only creates some thoughts about something that our being has (subconsciously) decided. We make up our mind to go shopping instead of doing the massage, the breathing exercises or the physical postures.

The shopping is important for the whole family and it is not well if they get hungry on one day. The opposition is obvious. There are two things that have to be done in the same period of time, one – the food – is vital, the other – the exercises – is less vital.

The strongest argument will win. Such a strong reasoning can be understood by a man lacking intelligence, too. The reasoning is strong but it is only a reasoning.

Here you have other strong reasonings that could offer a better solution: “Why shouldnt I convince my husband, my lover or my daughter to do that shopping? Why wouldnt I reduce the entire action to the least necessary and next time I will be more attentive?”

The truth is that if the woman who faces such a situation has the feeling of an imminent inner transformation, of a complete victory over her own limits, of a convergence of her efforts in a beneficialial way, she could find the balance to enthusiastically go on and she could find the means to overcome the obstacles.

Maybe if she approaches tenderly or, why not, firmly her lover, he will not refuse to help her, especially when he feels that something positive happens inside her.

The veritable problem is that of an inner breaking off (as there things evolve quickly and they are hard to be made conscious) because of the obstacles of the mind.

Then the previous question turns into the following one: “How much do we have to love ourselves in order to overcome our delusive appearances?”

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