A man begins to be motivated when he becomes conscious of a strong wish within himself. The process of motivation awakens latent psychic energies.

When our focus on motivation (motivations) decreases, the energy that has fed us till then will also diminish.

One can or cannot be conscious of the motivations that make her do something. Generally, the inferior motivations are harder to be made conscious even if they are very strong.

A motivation can be made conscious without thinking that: “This is my motivation”. Women rather feel their motivation than think them.

The awareness does not always mean that you are mentally conscious of that inner aspect. Thus, it is good to know that there are different degrees of awareness.

A common mans attempt to motivate himself through mental suggestion is not that simple. The motivation always pre-exists inside us. We only need to look for it with the eyes of our soul. The attempt to artificially create a motivation can only be a failure.

Sometimes the real motivations are hard to accept. For example, a married woman will hardly admit that she still feels to be beautiful in order to find the love of her life.

An unjustified chastity appears when facing motivations generated by the vital and erotic level and which seem to contrast with our morality and ethics. In fact, a strong motivation can be an extraordinary chance to evolve when it is rightly sublimated and directed.

Motivations can be a stress if:
1. We refuse to do the actions for which we have a strong motivation. Of course, that does not mean that we need to do all the actions for which we have a motivation.

In such a case, a sensual woman could easily resort to sexual abuses, a vanitous woman to antisocial deeds, etc. Anyway, a motivation must be accepted and fulfilled as it is, or under a sublimated and positively redirected form.

2. We dont have the vital, mental or volitive ability to carry out the motivated actions.

3. We dont have the courage to accept the veritable motivation of certain actions.

Usually, the motivations awaken spontaneously as a consequence of the individual experience. Many women who attend a self-harmonization course have noticed during the talks that the impulse to do this has lately become stronger and more conscious.

When suddenly asked: “Why do you want to make efforts to be more beautiful?”, they didnt have a prepared answer. But, talking about their present emotional life, they noticed that they have often felt like making a change.

Long individual talks were needed so that they could realize these changing actions hid very strong feelings and desires that had to be fulfilled.

Most of the times the wish to harmonize ourselves appears suddenly and the motivation just bursts forth from the pressure of some thoughts, situations, events.

There is a climax when the decision and the consequence are maximum, then, the motivation weakens. This is the most difficult stage as the woman “forgets”, doesnt feel so intensely that she wants to do that positive thing.

Now the inner polarization should be done. In other words, we need to contact again that deep aspect of our soul that has supported our initial motivation till then. We must remember what we really want and why.

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