Many women do not understand that in such circumstances it is not the weight that needs to be changed first, but the life style.

That is why many of their efforts are useless, give momentary results and are followed by exasperating and discouraging returns to the initial shape (which is a little fat and inert).

And suddenly, in this life full of vicious circles, something happens: the woman is strongly attracted to a man, she is about to love her lover or she realizes that to be a woman is more than what she is now, that being a woman means to love, to be loved, to be happy.

Thus, the food that has been “adored” till then lacks flavor when compared to the joy of being a woman, of being with him (he who usually is idealized, transfigured ), nothing is so important as the joy of being wanted, admired by him.

Something shakes her being and the obstacles that had been insurmountable till then. Her appetite, her wish to escape from reality into TV images or colorful day dreams fade when compared to the deep desires that awaken in a woman that feels how it is to be loved, wanted, sincerely admired, adored.

Another sad but frequent example is that of the woman who, because of some exterior facts, have to face the problem of their own survival.

These conditions appear especially in the period of time when the social status is not established yet and when the woman has to leave the comfortable home in order to study or to work.

Such conditions that directly threaten the social, professional, vital stability can awaken huge energies meant for survival.

A complete revolution takes place when a lucid man realizes that it is up to him whether he has the necessary food, space and security. Then he cannot afford a fat, inert, unshapely structure that lacks vitality.

Wishing to survive, the body will communicate with the rest of the being and will obey the orders more easily. If the efforts are beneficialially guided, the body and the entire being will miraculously find resources for transformation, for reaching the necessary harmony.

Consequently, the motivation is a source of psychic energy, a focus that influences all the individual initiatives when it is activated. The initiatives have a superior or inferior goal according to the type of motivation (if it is more or less elevated).

A woman who wants to become beautiful in order to please her lover, to attract a man who will make her happy, will integrate the efforts made for a psychical harmonization in a way that differs from the one integrated by a woman whose motivation is to look good in order to be socially successful.

Sometimes a woman has more motivations for being beautiful. She might want to seduce her lover, to give love, to have a more intense erotic relation but she might also be afraid of getting old, of disappearing, etc. There are moments when certain motivations become stronger.

The difference between motivation and aspiration is qualitative but not only. Different impulses, from the vital one (manifested through the wish of having money, financial security, etc) up to the spiritual one (manifested through a permanent tendency to accomplish the purest, most harmonious aspects of the world around, of the own being) are also called motivations.

The aspiration implies not only a very strong, fundamental desire but also its sublimation ; the sublimation guides the human being towards deep emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

A womans motivation to transform herself can have different intensities; some consider their transformation a vital (necessary) process, other more like an exterior request, which they understand theoretically.

We can talk about a spiritual aspiration when a man is strongly spiritually motivated. Thus we can say that the spiritual aspiration = motivation + intensity + sublimation.

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