Any virgin feels a certain emotion when her intimate organs are touched. This is not equivalent to the fright of being penetrated. Love is like a red-letter day and the beginning has its own mystery. Sometimes, an act that can be magical leaves a grievous memory.

There are women for whom making love is a torture, because of the state of distress they felt at the first sexual contact. But the fear a virgin feels when thinking of being deflowered is rather based on prejudices about sexuality than on reality. Let’s see together the causes and the solutions for this problem:

Q: Many girls are afraid of “the first time”. Is this a fright of being penetrated?
A: Unfortunately, there is. Usually, it is caused by the fact that the girls are not familiar to their own body and because there are frequent cases when their lovers are not too experienced, either.

The fear a girl can feel when thinking at being penetrated is rather based on prejudices about sexuality than on reality; the bleeding is not too abundant when the hymen is broken. Thus, many of them think that the hymen, the thin membrane that covers the vaginal orifice, is a great obstacle in the way of penetration.

From a strict anatomical point of view, this is not a dramatic, painful or bloody event, because the hymen is elastic enough to stretch without breaking. And even if it breaks, it is so thin that it seldom causes pain. On the other hand, in this region, the irrigation with blood is reduced.

In very rare cases, the hymen is very resistant, which makes the penetration difficult, especially when the woman starts her sexual life late. The later a woman starts her sexual life, the less elastic her hymen is. This region is responsive to pressure, especially to that exerted by the penis, which gives birth to sensations of pleasure.

Q: Is the absence of the hymen equivalent to the loss of virginity?
A: Not always. If during the first sexual contact, the young woman doesn’t bleed, this doesn’t mean that she wasn’t virgin.

The structure of the hymen is different from a woman to another. It can break or stretch very easily, so that it is hard to tell, even for a physician, whether the respective woman is a virgin or not.

In fact, except for some rare cases, the hymen is already partly pierced; there is an orifice through which the menstrual blood is eliminated. Some performance sportsmen may even have the hymen membrane totally broken, only because of the ample movements they make.

A young girl’s orifice has a one-finger diameter. The use of vaginal swab leads to its enlargement and the hymen may break before the first sexual contact.

Q: Are there some symptoms of the fright of penetration?
A: Yes, these symptoms do exist. In most cases, the insufficient lubrication of the vagina is the one that makes the penetration difficult and painful. Fortunately, this situation can be easily remedied.

An easy solution is the use of a lubricant bought from any chemist’s shop. A natural one is though indicated (even the saliva can be used). There are some rare cases when the fright of penetration can cause an automatic and spontaneous contraction of the vagina.

This phenomenon, called vaginismus, cannot be controlled by the woman and makes the sexual contact impossible. The woman who suffers from vaginismus cannot stand even the gynaecologist’s examination.

This anomaly is often the consequence of a repressive education, which causes a feeling of guilt in connection with sexuality; in other cases, it may be caused by some traumatic and painful experiences of the past.

Q: How can a woman recover from vaginismus?
A: It is absolutely necessary that the woman who suffers from vaginismus see a gynaecologist. He will establish whether the cause of vaginismus is pathological (an infection or a congenital malformation etc.) or not.

If the cause is of a psychological nature, the woman should see a sexology specialist. Discussion and relaxation exercises are efficient in 80 percents of these cases. However, the vagina is an elastic organ, which dilates, in order to receive the erect penis of a man.

Q: What remedies are recommend for awakening of the erotic pleasure?
A: It is the daily rhythm, the absence of communication between parents and children that increase the number of girls with sexual problems.

Some methods of harmonization should be used, as any erotic unfulfillment may influence in a negative way a woman’s whole life. Let’s make the first steps:

The First Steps in Becoming a Sensual Woman:
Start with a warm bath or relax for 15 minutes. Then, within the intimacy of your room or in the bath, do the 7 gestures that will open you sexually:

1. With the help of a mirror, examine attentively your genital organs, and then separate the labia in order to observe better the vaginal orifice.

2. Touch the entrance into the vagina with the help of a finger, the index, for example.

3. Moisten the finger and introduce its tip into the vagina, bending your bust. Get used to the new sensation for some minutes.

4. Now push the finger deeper into the vagina, bending continuously.

5. If you feel that the muscles of the vagina contract, stop; try to contract them consciously around the finger, then relax them again. Do this exercise for a few times, in order to check your control over the vaginal muscles. Thus, your anguish will disappear.

6. Repeat the exercise four or five times, deepening the finger gradually into the vagina. Whenever you feel any sensation of discomfort, breathe deeply.

7. Now, you can introduce two fingers, but, previously, lubricate abundantly the vagina. Do this progressively. Every time you resume this exercise, introduce the fingers deeper and deeper.

Practicing these methods daily, for at least 20 days, you will be able to amplify your sensuality, and to have some successful amorous experiences.