It is well known that feelings are more important for women than for men. That is why the therapies based on the balance of the psychic aspects are very beneficialial for women.

In other words, a woman is much easier convinced to start a balancing process by the means of an intense beneficialial feeling than by the means of a thousand logical reasons.

A woman cannot make the transforming efforts that an authentic process of becoming more beauty implies without being emotionally prepared.

The beneficialial feeling, the intense emotional states, the self- transfiguring and enthusiasm, all grounded on deep motivation, are the veritable stimuli for womans transformation.

Lacking this stimulating feeling there may quickly appear such states like boredom, routine, anger and discouragement, the feelings that things dont change.

Sometimes the physical deficiencies are caused by more profound (psycho-mental) blockages. These blockages have once stopped the womans harmonious development on all levels and in the present times they work discreetly but strongly in the subconscious.

Many women who once appealed to intensive and systematical therapies of beautification have noticed that at one moment emotional problems, which they were aware or not, have come out in order to be solved.

Certain physical parts have very precise psychical correspondents. For example, many women who have massaged their chest area, then they have lived very intense, deeply exciting feelings.

The most frequent feelings have been the awakening of the maternal instinct, of the desire to give love or to live a veritable love story.

But this type of massage has also awakened some problems: some women have concluded that they suffered from emotional blockages, other have lived the painful feeling regarding their week capacity of receiving or giving love.

Consequently, the psychological aspects must be considered at each stage of the beautification process. The psychotherapy should be correlated to all the means of the womans beautification process.

Lets not forget that the physical beauty that lacks the beauty of the soul means almost nothing, as it cannot confer happiness only by itself. Thus, the practical importance of the psychotherapy is vital because:

1. The psychic is the “engine” of each action: we do a good thing because we want it; we feel it is good for us. Lacking a strong psychic stimulus, the man cannot start the transforming process. The psychic is the force that, rightly used, will push the human being to accomplish his ideals and to pass the obstacles.

2. Because of the conscious and especially subconscious reminiscences, the psychic may sometimes become a serious obsacle for the transforming processes, generating inner conflicts that annihilate the inner transforming powers.

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Unfortunately, it is the classical case of the women who give up to their diet in its third weeks, who return to a vice that they had given up with many efforts because of the lack of the will and of the exacerbation of their sensitive desires, who do not care about themselves because of all kinds of psychical incapacities.

We can say that every time e beneficialial transforming process stops, one of the main aspects responsible for it is the PSYCHIC. It doesnt feel, doesnt pulsate, gets angry, irritated, it resists, it doesnt want to.

In the following article you will find out how to win a great ally in the beautification process: our own psychic and how to defeat a powerful enemy, our won psychic.