Finally, you have a free evening. Your latest conquest has called you. You do not remember exactly his name, because you met him on your way out from a party.

Curiosity slowly and definitely has got hold of you. Go for it and find out what kind of man are you dealing with!

Of course, it is important what he is wearing at your first date, what kind of jokes he makes, as well as the place he invites you for a coffee. You study him as a lab-mouse and he senses it.

Nonetheless, admit it: besides clothes, manners, sense of humor, and many more, you are terribly curious to know how is he making love?

At this point, you have two options: either you test him right away, to see if he is worth your time and effort, or you delay the moment, in the idea that waiting turns the heat up to passionate levels.

Angela, 26, did not suspect that she and Oliver will make love in such a way:
“We have met in a club, she recalls. After a few drinks of gin tonic we got rid of all our inhibitions and unleashed our secret weapons on the dance floor.”

The two decided to take a cab towards Oliver’s apartment. Although things were quite hot, Angela felt it was better if she did not yield into the temptation from the first night:

“I wanted to do it after at least two weeks. We kissed, we danced, but I have my rules. I never make love to a man whom I know so little about, because it’s simply too soon.”

In fact, this problem is not only Angela’s, but it belongs to all single women. When should I give myself to him? One funny, yet true parallel would be with the quandary of the hen chased by the cock: “if I run, he’ll think I’m stupid. If I stay, he’ll think I’m easy. I’d better stumble.”

Usually, there are several factors involved in making such a decision: for instance the time passed from your last erotic encounter, the character of the man you are with, and last but not least, your adventurousness.

In order to make the right decision, you should know from the very beginning how this will influence your relationship.

In favor: Making love with a total stranger may be a terribly exciting experience. When you make love to a man whose name you don’t even know you are more relaxed and less concerned with the worries of a long-term relationship.

“I met a man while at the seaside. He said he was to leave the next day, to a distant corner of the country”, Claudia, 25, confesses.

“We ended up together, in my hotel room that night and I can tell you this: it was the best night of lovemaking I’ve had in past three years.”

How come she dare? “To be totally honest, I would not make love to a man from the first date, if I felt I wanted a steady relationship with him. Yet, this man I told you about was leaving home, I would never see him again, so, why not? I just went for it.”

The first thing you need to think about is whether you want a serious, steady relationship with the cause of your thrills.

The scenario is relatively simple: the more the chances of you being together with that man in the future drop, the more the chances of not regretting having spent a night of passionate lovemaking to him grow. It is up to you to settle the priorities.

Nonetheless, there are women with a different view of things. Lily, 28, confesses: “I want to know from the very beginning if we are a match in bed. Lovemaking is an important part of my life, and if the man is a catastrophe in bed, he is not worth wasting my time.”

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Against: We do not wish to seem stuck in principles dating from hundreds years ago, but still think of the feeling you’ll have waking up the next morning next to a total stranger.

Besides the fact that probably you’ll have to shake him to wake up, and the risk of not remembering his name, you might regret it in the morning. And do not expect him to propose after breakfast.

Many women imagine that if they are great in bed, the man will come back to them, fascinated. However, this seldom happens, and most often your reputation has to suffer, especially if you have people you both know.

You may have the chance of meeting a man to like you adventurous as you are, but this sounds a little like fairytale. Think about it…

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