In favor: Lucinda, 30, admits that the idea of makeing love with a stranger is as tempting to her as it is to any woman with the sense of adventure.

“But I could never get through with it”, she says. “I feel comfortable only after a long time, after I know the man just as I know my pocket.”

Lucinda thinks that it is a pity to get over those beautiful moments in which he is courting you, bringing you flowers and chocolate, and learns by heart poems belonging to French Romanticism.

In this way, the first night of lovemaking is a beautiful experience, whom we both had patience to wait.

Meanwhile, you get the chance of becoming very close to him, to communicate on sexual issues as well, to tell him things she likes and things she likes less.

Against: If you keep the distance for too long he might think that he simply does not excite you. And he’ll leave. Moreover, if you make this interval last too long, you’ll miss some real “gifts”.

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This happened to Anne: “My parents made me a surprise, and sent me on a trip to Greece. There, I met a man that was simply breathtaking. He was like a demigod.” still, Anne resisted the temptation, because she is not the one-night stand type, and let him go.

“I have to confess that now I regret not having responded to his desire. I think I would have enjoyed it immensely. If I were to meet him again, I wouldn’t miss him, for sure. I was foolish once, and it was enough. After all, who benefited from my being such a “good girl”?”

In two months (or more) you have the time to fall in love. You two get along as if he was destined for you by the gods of love. You introduce him to your family, and friends, and you even buy him a new TV set.

Then you get into bed with him, and you realize that your lovemaking is a catastrophe. What do you do now?

It will be painful to break up with him, and you’ll only deceive yourself if you as much as think that lovemaking is not important in a relationship. This would be just as buying a light bulb without checking if it works.

Be wise, but in the same time do not fall into the trap of preconceived ideas. Make the right choice, but keep in mind that your choice will have impact on both of you.

Although men are pretty much alike, you will not find two men that react in the same manner to the same stimuli. With patience and good-will, you’ll find the best approach to the situation.

If you do not find any formula to suit your nature, improvise. A small step for you may prove a gigantic step for you two.

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