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Here you have some herbs that awaken the resonance with the feminine Pitta archetype, facilitating the transmutation of the sexual potential:

1. ORIGANUM is ruled by Venus. It awakens the courage to face your own instincts and thus removes the fear from sexuality. It is recommended to women who do not allowed themselves to fully live the joy of love and who suffer from diseases of reproductive system (like menstrual cramps caused by coldness).

2. THE CLOVE ruled by the Sun, heats the heart and awakens the passion. It is recommended to woman characterized by emotional coldness, who are afraid to show their love and who suffer from thorax disorder, generally caused by the cold (for example breathing problems).

It removes anxiousness and purifies the mind through the fire of love. The women who use them become more attractive to the men.

3. THE SAGE is a deeply purifying herb recommended to women who are afraid of their own creative power or to those having a subconscious full of negative feelings.

4. THE CYNNAMON is a solar herb that heats the body, especially in the thorax area, the stomach and the circulation. It confers a certain state of passionate love and emotional dynamism, it awakens the wish to protect and to warmly embrace (subtly) the beloved one.

It is recommended to women who out of fear or anxiety, suffer from circulation insufficiency (violet-bleu extremities), lack of appetite, cold.

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The Kapha archetype is represented by the vital round shaped woman, with a mild and sleepy sight. She can easily live states of gustatory orgasm and can become crazy about a well-chosen perfume.

She likes to smell her lovers body. Her feelings are as deeply as the still ocean. But she needs time to feel it, thus the man willing to seduce her must be perseverant and have a constant attitude.

She can easily give to her lover a state of peace and emotional satisfaction. She is very calm, patient and compassionate and she is a veritable support when her lover has hard time. She is the most faithful lover.

The following herbs awaken qualities of the feminine Kapha archetype and amplify and tonify the sexual potential:

1. LIQUORICE – is well known for its vitalizing effects, and is recommended for women with weak constitution in order to get more vital. This herb confers a state of self-content, of inner satisfaction, which is in fact, the key to a strong physical constitution.

2. THE MALLOW is a herb ruled by Venus, that strongly revives the being physically and psychically. It confers a state of mildness and inner peace, thus being recommended to women who are extremely tough or aggressive.

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3. THE REST-HARROW is a tonic herb that just as Liquorice is very useful to the weakened women, physically and psychically exhausted because of the inner tensions. It calms down the inner conflicts and generates a state of inner unity.

In order to awaken aspects of a certain archetype you must choose one or more herbs and use them as powder for at least 7 mounths. You must keep under your tongue for 20 minutes 1 gr. of that powder four times a day and then swallow it with some water.

It is important to find out the archetype you belong to as emotional manifestation and behavior so that you know what qualities to awaken and what excesses or faults to remove.

Taking into consideration the fact that herbs enable us to resonance with the harmony of Nataure, we can say that the use of herbs helps us in spiritual evolution.

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