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Here you have some herbs that awaken the resonance to this feminine archetype and facilitate the sublimation of the vital and sexual energies:

1. THE PRIMROSE is a herb governed by Venus, the planet of love and sensuality. It refines the womans erotic states and helps the couple communication. It is recommended to women having their hearts closed as a consequence of a past psychic drama and who suffered from breathing problems, nervous break down or skin diseases.

2. CAT NIP is also a Venusian herb. It develops adaptability and facilitates new relationships with persons of opposite sex. It is recommended to inflexible women, having rigid ideas, erotic tensions, to those suffering from spasms (menstruation cramps, abdominal colics, convulsive cough).

3. MILFOIL is a feminine Venusian herb that amplifies the detached love, vata archetypes characteristic. It confers a state of mental clarity in which a woman can easily understand that any exterior aspect (for example the attachment to her lover) is a cause of sufferance.

Thus, milfoil is very useful for the excessively passionate women who are very angry on men (for example women who have aggressive or revengeful thoughts against the men who have left them).

Because of these negatives, hot feelings, they might suffer from haemorrhages, infections, inflammations or ulcerations in the genital area (for example uterine bleedings, abundant menstrual flow, infected whites, cervicites, wounds of the cervix).

Tantra Magazine

4. OUR LADY’S BEDSTRAW, ruled by the Moon, awakens the elevated sensibility, receptivity to some superior spiritual aspects and facilitates the access to the subconscious. It is useful for women who cannot completely express their femininity, and for those having thyroid problems.

5. SCRIBBLE There isnt a better herb to remove the hearts melancholy, to give it strength to make the soul happier, more joyful and lively said Culpepper in his A phytotherapy treaty.

This Venusian herb harmonizes the erotic and emotional levels, thus being recommended to women who consider the sexuality is incompatible with the pure love. It removes the fix ideas, prejudices, obsessions that bother our soul and also the anger that hits the heart. That is why it is recommended in cases of heart diseases. It refines the states during intercourse.

6. VERVAIN A herb governed by Venus, it is a common ingredient in love potion. It is recommended in cases of psychic shocks, facilitates expression, especially the verbal oral expression of the sufferance.

It doesnt allow repression of the pain and thus it prevents the nervous disorders. It has beneficialial effects for woman having a phlegmatic character, who drawn themselves in the ocean of the emotional life and who physically suffer from renal disorders (for example renal lithiasys).

The Pitta archetype is represented by the passionate, courageous women who intensely lives any moment and who makes love by sights. Her ardent love puts immediately any mans heart on fire.

She is very receptive to visual stimuli and to the physical beauty. She likes the fight-like intercourse and she likes to test her lovers power. Her lovemaking has an intense rhythm which only vigorous man can face.

She has a big power of self-transformation, she can easily transform the environment and very well controls her body, metamorphosing it at wish.

She is strong willed, intelligent, with a sharp spirit of observation. She is endowed with the art of exciting and arising the mens interest.

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