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Do you know how to get acquainted with his penis? Try not to laugh, regardless of its appearance. And most important: be gentle…

Each man has an enormous penis. This is a scientifically proved fact! If you do not believe this, begin your own survey. You will soon discover that each of them will praise his treasure.

Moreover, they give names to their penises. It is either “ninja fighter”, or “fearless hunter”, or even…. In all the cases, however, it is BIIIIG, it is HUUUGE!

Coming down to earth, there are few men who do not have the size-complex. They become almost paranoid when discussing this subject. Consequently, any man feels terribly embarrassed when he has to introduce his “manhood” – this very symbol of his self-esteem – to you.

And it is not an easy task to make a man talk to you about this subject. It is even more challenging to have him relaxed and at ease while approaching this topic.

Keep in mind that your first encounter with his “ammunition” is a critical point. Find out the best way to approach this moment and he will be yours!

Pretend (if you are not) that you are in awe with admiration. Do not giggle, do not point your finger to it, do not pinch it. Instead, be passionate and “eager”. He will relax if he sees that he does not have to face a capricious libido.

Take my word for it…It is enough to sketch as much as a smile, and you may kiss lovemaking good-bye. After all, would you stand having next to you a man who bursts out laughing at the sight of your cellulite?

Diana is 35 and has acquired a great sexual experience. In time, she learned that the first contact penis – female lover is crucial for the man:

“It is pointless to engage in conversation in that moment, she says. Once I was dating this terribly shy guy. One night, I took over, I started kissing him and I slipped my hand inside his pants. From that moment on, he became my all-time “slave”. It felt as if I had saved him from drowning.”

Of course, things are not always as easy. There are some situations that may make him look ridiculous. For instance, we all know how a penis reacts to cold. Roy, a 24 year-old production assistance has had an awful experience. A romantic weekend, at a chalet in the mountains.

After a night of passionate lovemaking in which his new lover is praising his “performance”, he goes to the bathroom to take a shower. The surprise was most unpleasant: no hot water running! He had to wash with cold water.

When returning to the room, his girlfriend burst out laughing, saying: “Good God, I didn’t realize it was so small!”

This was the end of the weekend and of the relationship as well, because, in Roy’s own words: “I felt literally castrated. I have a great sense of humor, but this “attack” was way too direct. I believe any man would have felt humiliated.”

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Maggie, freelancer, 25 tells how she ended up in bed with a man she just met:
“After he took off his clothes I noticed that his penis was short, and thick. I didn’t like its appearance, but I also did not know how to tell him that I didn’t want to have sex with him because of the form of his penis. I kept my mouth shut for the first and last time.”

To cut a long story short, do not let him think of forms or sizes, and you will be the eternal beneficialiary of his gratitude.

Danny, 22, college-boy confesses: “I know the shape and size of my penis are not normal. Therefore I never made love with lights on. I tried to make my girlfriends talk to me about it, tell me their opinion, but they just wouldn’t. None of them realized I simply needed some encouragements.”

Danny’s present girlfriend is studying psychology and realized his needs. She discussed things openly and their relationship is going better and better: “I am a different man in bed, Danny confesses. I am bolder, and more confident. And I also trust IT more!”