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Men cheat!

This is not a news-breaking title, yet it is an everlasting question mark in every woman’s head.

Why do they do that?

Which is the impulse behind, which is the drive for their constant wanting more, for their wanting a blonde, a brunette, a hot red-head, a voluptuous or thin woman, only other than they already have?

In the following, we will try to analyze some of the reasons that drive men out of their “established” routes towards “unknown universes”.

First of all, we wish to make it clear that all women, famous or infamous, beautiful or less sex-appealing, tall or small, blonde, dark-complexioned, etc. have gone through this. They have all wondered, undoubtedly, what made them do want to “cheat”.
Let us see if you find some answers in here!

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We will analyze in the following some situations which, if handled incorrectly, might lead to the “cheating disaster”.

First, there is the case in which you and your partner dated each other since high school. You were pretty, and idealistic, he was young, shy, probably wearing glasses. You fell in love, made love for the first time to one another, and finally, without exactly knowing why, you got married. To your high school sweet heart, of course.
Things seemed perfect: the perfect love, meant to last for ever, the union of two souls who have sworn love and fidelity to each other.

But now comes the question! In fact it is rather his question: for how long can he be faithful to one woman, considering the fact that she is also the first in his affective, erotic, and probably (but not necessarily) mental universe?

How long until he starts wondering whether she really is the right one, the one everybody talks about, if he doesn’t have anything, or rather anybody to compare her with?

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How does he know that you are what he really needs? And how do you know he is what you really need? Sexual compatibility, communication, understanding seem now mere words, without a firm basis to support them.

The sad part is that sometimes he looks at you as if he had to engulf a not very appetizing dish. And other times, you might return the favor, unfortunately!

And when the alternative arises, disregarding the fact that she might not be as smart, beautiful, and appealing as you are, you clearly see her most poignant quality: she is different!

What’s to do?

Surprise him in every way you can! Change your haircut, your hair color, buy him unexpected presents, do “crazy” things together, anything that will show him a different “you” and that will enliven your relationship.

Another situation is a bit of a tragic one!

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If you fall for the Casanova or the Don Juan!

He is the kind of man used to stand in the spotlights, always in the center of the attention, always the most charming, the most fascinating figure anyone has ever seen. He is so sure of himself that he dares to undress you with his eyes in the very presence of your boyfriend!

You feel embarrassed, and yet so good! Flattered, you make your first mistake: you kind of find him nice and begin to like him. You say to yourself that, still, he is not as conceited as he seemed, that he is actually kind of cute, etc. Finally, all the excuses which you, as a woman, can possibly find in order to justify that heating sensation coming up from your belly

And you may easily figure out the rest

You fall head over heels in love, because of course, he knows how to “treat” a woman, from all points of view!

Well, let’s take a look into the mysteries of history, and search for Casanova! What do we see?

A youngster of 14, madly in love with a girl! It is not quite what you expected, right? But wait!

One night, the story goes, he finally believes he found the opportunity to squeeze inside the girl’s bedroom, but he meets her boyfriend’s strong foot at the entrance!
Humiliated, he seems to have tried to find his revenge his entire life!

So, if you really fall for this kind of guy, you have two possibilities:
1. Be another “trophy” in his gallery, and
2. Defeat him with his own weapons!